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Cobnar Works

Hi, just looking for any info on the scythe manufacturers at dinner works. It was located at Woodward where the Asda/Iceland are currently. Can't find any pictures of the building.


Re: Cobnar Works

PictureSheffield has a 1970s photo of the entrance to Cobnar Works, when it was occupied by engineers
It also has 2 adverts from earlier when the sickle manufacturers were the occupiers.
The Directories file onthis site, over to the left, has the Linacre occupiers in both 1925 and 1905

Re: Cobnar Works

Thank you. I had seen the ad's before but not the 70's picture.

Re: Cobnar Works

Geoffrey Tweedale's Directory of Sheffield Tool Manufacturers has an extensive entry on Linley, Linacre and Bingham, including no fewer than 9 reproductions of adverts (his directories do not include photos of buildings).