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Searching in the forum

Hello, I know I'm probably being a bit thick here, but I'm trying to search the Forum for the surname Carr. I've tried Carr, "Carr", *Carr*, and all sorts of other possibilities, but the search always flags up any thread with the words carry, carrying, carried, carriage, etc. (And those words are used a heck of a lot!)
Is there any way of searching just for Carr without getting all the larger words containing it.
Thanks in advance

Re: Searching in the forum

Hi Christine

I just tried using Carr. and it brought up just 4 hits. Problem is, it only brought up the name if there was a full stop after it, but it did filter out the larger words


Re: Searching in the forum

Thanks for that, Heths, that's much appreciated.
I suspect there won't be an easy answer to this one, but at least it's a start. Of course, place names like Birley Carr don't help either! :smile:
But thanks for trying

Re: Searching in the forum

Following on from Heths. If you do several searches as follows each comes up with a small number of answers.
Carr followed by space followed by any of the following leters:
a b f g h i l n o p r t v w

It is a pity that space alone does not work.

Re: Searching in the forum

Hi Christine,

Is there anything specific that you are looking for?


Re: Searching in the forum

Thanks, Dave, I really appreciate your efforts here!

Elaine, not looking for anything specific. I just check back here every year or so to see if I can find any Carr rellies who might have more info about my great-grandmother, born (illegitimate) Anna-Maria Carr/Hannah Maria Carr in Rawmarsh in 1850, christened Elizabeth Carr at St Mary's Ecclesfield when she was adopted, then became known in the family as Sarah when she married. (I think this is because she and her husband John Dawson lodged with his sister Elizabeth and her husband, who was also called John, so two couples of the same name under the same roof must have got a bit confusing.)

A lovely lady I met through this site helped me out with the details of Elizabeth's early life, and I have a copy of her marriage certificate to John Dawson, but the fact that my Yorkshire Dawson cousins swear blind that her name was Sarah has always puzzled us. My mum always thought she was called Elizabeth, so she does seem to have had multiple names

I bet you wish you hadn't asked now!