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buriel for farewell siddall

trying to find buriel site for Farewell Siddall born 1844. He died on 4th november 1888 age 44. He was living at Pinfold Street, sheffield.

Re: buriel for farewell siddall

Not the one you were looking for but a Farewell Siddall buried 8th Aug 1876 aged 17 days living at Sylvester Street was buried at Bramall Lane St Mary

was he a son of the one you are looking for?

Re: buriel for farewell siddall

Farewell Siddall of 21 Pinfold Street buried on 7th November 1888 at the General Cemetery in Section Q plot 27.

In the same grave are as follows

Annie Siddall spinster buried 17th Nov 1914 aged 21

Mary Siddall widow buried 18th Jul 1914 aged 53

Thomas (son of Farewell) buried 5th Nov 1879 aged 3 months

William Henry (son of Farewell) buried 2nd Apr 1879 aged 18 months

Hope that fills in some gaps.