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McCormick and Hartman marriage

The marriage between Bridget Hartin and Matthew McCormick 05.11.1853 at St Marie’s is recorded on here as the bride being Margaret Hartman. The surname is often spelled differently but why is she Margaret on here and Bridget on FMP. Could anyone check the original that was transcribed pleased? There is no original on FMP. Also the fathers names are confusing on here too. These Harten/Hartin/Hartmans are sending me around in circles at the minute.

Re: McCormick and Hartman marriage

Morning Claire,

I have sent you the page which we transcribed from and as you can see very hard to read.

I have also asked DaveT & DeniseL for their input on this entry.

Elaine in Ottawa.

Re: McCormick and Hartman marriage

Thank you so much Elaine. I know the transcribers do a sterling job on some very tricky writing. I was able to do a short stint for you myself a while ago so have first hand experience. I believe with the research I have already done, it is definitely Bridget but welcome the guys input. Thanks again, much appreciated.

Re: McCormick and Hartman marriage has these names, December quarter 1853.
Harten Bridget
McCormac Matthew

Re: McCormick and Hartman marriage

Many thanks for that added confirmation Terry.