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Harriett Dawson (WFAS)

A headstone at Abbey Lane caught my eye yesterday, the inscription was:

In loving memory of Harriett Dawson (W.F.A.S.) the beloved wife of George Edward Dawson, who died July 4th 1918, aged 50 years.

Does anyone know what WFAS might stand for? Women's... Society? Service? Given the date I thought it might be something related to WW1, but it could be something local, or something else. Google doesn't offer anything useful.

Woodseats Allotment Society was suggested as a possiblity but I don't know.

Re: Harriett Dawson (WFAS)

Hi Paul,

Maybe Woodseats Friends’ Adult School ??


Re: Harriett Dawson (WFAS)

That might be it, thanks Heather!

I've found an article in the Sheffield Daily Telegraph about the School from 1913, and it lists a number of stallholders including a Mrs G E Dawson.