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City Road section maps

Hi, does anyone know where I can access section maps for City Road Cemetery? If I remember rightly they have them at the archives, but they won't be open on the days I'm visiting.

Ideally I'd like to find where my great grandparents are buried, I know the grave references but they are unmarked public graves so I might struggle to locate them without a bit of help.

Is there a cemetery office at City Road that might be able to help?

Re: City Road section maps

If you could give us a name and the section you think they are in we might have someone who has that map.

Elaine in Ottawa.

Re: City Road section maps


Thomas Charlesworth, Grave Number 15660, Section EE1
James Salt, Grave Number 7486, Section V1

Re: City Road section maps

Hi Paul,

As you have probably seen the City Road Map under our Burials section you will need the section map(maybe).

V1 & EE1 sections are very close together. We used to have photographs and MI's for City Road but no longer. Such a shame.

Here`s hoping that someone may have maps but there is the Office there at City Road as they administer ALL the City owned cemeteries.

Fingers crossed.


Re: City Road section maps

Hello Paul,

Your question gave me the opportunity to do something I have been thinking of doing which is to visit City Road for the first for a long time and remind myself how it is laid out and numbered. To do this I collected the information I needed to make my own plot plans of these sections which I will send you.

I also took photos of what I calculated are these particular plots. EE1 15660 was straightforward to find as it has surrounding memorials that can be identified. This plot has a large Whitebeam tree growing from it.

V1 7486 was slightly more difficult as it in a row of mostly unmarked graves. I am 90% sure I have got it right.


Re: City Road section maps

Many thanks to Hugh and the other individual who contacted me via email, the information you sent made it easy to locate both graves. :)