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Sarah Mallison married Matthew Wright on 26/12/1827. Their youngest child Martha was my 2x great grandmother.

Sarah was 32 years old in the 1841 census, 42 in 1851, and 52 in 1861. She died aged 71 on 2/02/1880 and so if my maths is right I think her birth would have been in 1809, somewhere between 2 February and 30 March. There is a likely birth 3/03/1809, baptism 24/03/1809, with parents John Mallison (a cutler) and Martha. Marriage 25/05/1796 John Mallison and Martha Short.

Can anyone give me any info about John Mallison and Martha Short? My subscription to FMP has expired and I don't want to renew it right now.

Many thanks


Re: Mallison

Hi Heather,

Hope your keeping well.

I started with "Family Search" and the family are in there.

I found that Sarah had been baptised at SPC on the 24th March 1809.

I have a copy of SPC registers for us to transcribe down the road. (Still looking for more transcribers) LOL.

As you know it never gives that much info at this time.
What is there reads Sarah Mallison daughter of John & Martha Mallison a Cutler.
Born 3 March 1809.

I thought I remembered Mallison's up in Bradfield.But this old brain isn't as sharp as it used to be. There is another family in the Barnsley area as well.

I did find this burial. John Mallinson at St Pauls in 1844.He was 69 years old

I then looked at out 1841 census index on our site and couldn't spot him but it could be the spelling was off.

Will have another go round and see if I can see more.
Maybe the Apprentice List might help.

Take care Elaine.

PS Found the one buried at St Pauls On the 1841 index. Maybe..... fingers crossed.

Mallison, John of Pitsmoor, Sheffield Brightside. Aged 65 years.
(Piece #1329/4, folio 7b, enumeration district 10.)

Re: Mallison

Hi Heths
The Apprentice and Freemans list has only 2 John Mallisons
1. s o Thos Attercliffe c dec to Smith Philip Attclf c 7.5 1734 F 1743.
2. S o John, t (tailor) to Vickers Wm sc 8.5 1768

The first one was born around 1720 so unlikely to be yours.
The second was born around 1756 and never purchased his freedom. He apprenticed to a scissorsmith (which is a cutler).
Here is his baptism:
Baptism Sheff Cath 18th Feb 1756, John s o John Mallison, Taylor

He appears to have had a few siblings, none of whom are in the Apprentices and Freemens List. So John was the only one who went into cutlery.
Baps Sheff Cath
1749 Matthew s o John Mallison Taylor
1751 Mary d o John Mallison Tailor
1754 Eliz d o John Mallison Tailor
1758 Jonas Rich s o John Mallison Taylor
1767 Sarah d o John Mallison Taylor
1768 James s o John Mallison Taylor


Re: Mallison

The 1841 census does match the chap who died in 1844.
John Mallison aged 65 a Blade Maker of Pitsmoor
Mary aged 60
Eliza 25.


Re: Mallison

Hi Elaine and Dave,

When I'd looked for possible baptisms for Sarah there was one in 1810 which I'd discounted, because the birthdate of 16/11/1810 was too young to be her and it was also the wrong time of the year. That 1810 baptism had parents John and Mary, and for some reason (I can't remember why? did the baptism say he was from Pitsmoor??) I had it in my head that the John in Pitsmoor in 1841 was the one who was married to Mary.

Anyway, I got the digital image today (thank you Kevin for the tip!) of the 1844 death of John from Pitsmoor. The informant was a Mary Mallinson, presumably a wife, a daughter-in-law or an unmarried daughter. I think this points to the Pitsmoor guy as being the one who married Mary, because the one who married Martha only had two children, both girls, Hannah and Sarah.

Now, in 1841 Sarah had a William Mallinson (cutler, age rounded to 60) living with her. At first I did wonder if William was her father, but there are no baptisms to back that up. The baptism with parents John and Martha is a perfect fit birthday wise in terms of her age in the census and at time of death. That made me wonder if William was an uncle. William died in 1847 aged 69. I got the digital image for his death as well (praying that the informant might have been Sarah, and that a relationship would be given) but unfortunately the informant was the master of the Union workhouse, so no joy there.