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Education early 18th Century Sheffield

Can anyone point me in the direction of education in Sheffield in the early 18th century. I've just obtained a 1719 Will of my 7x great grandmother. In the will she leaves properties in and around Neepsend and Bridghouses to her daughter, and to be kept in trust for her 4 young grandchildren. Most of the property 'holden to the Lord of the Manor of Sheffield' and the leases are to go to them.

But, she also stipulates that the children must be decently educated and maintained and this is my question? Does anyone know what education at this time might be available and where I might find references?

Bev Wilson

Re: Education early 18th Century Sheffield

Dames' schools served the working class, teaching the 3 R's usually abysmally. There were also small academies and individuals providing classes (see Robert Eadon Leader's "Sheffield in the Eighteenth Century" available from the Internet Archive)

Sheffield Grammar School - Hunters "Hallamshire" has a chapter on this (available from Internet Archive)
Free Writing School (est 1721)
The Boys' Charity School in East Parade (est 1707)