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FAO Elaine

Elaine, hope you are keeping safe from the fires and the air pollution.


Re: FAO Elaine

Hi John,

Thanks for your concern we are safe in Ottawa but with all the smoke it reminds me of the pea soupers we used to have back in the 1950's in Sheffield. We have been advised to stay indoors where possible. Today its clearer but could worsen by the weekend.Depends on which way the wind is blowing. We don't get a mention on the USA news very often but the smoke is particularly bad in New York & Philadelphia.Mostly from the fires in Quebec.Most out of control.

The acreage these fires cover in Alberta,Quebec, Nova Scotia and Ontario is huge.
One area near Calgary has lost 160 homes in one subdivision. The Native reserves have been particularly hard hit. With thousands of folks being told to leave within minutes.

The forests are tinder dry and we have had very little rain.

Thanks again for thinking of us.


Re: FAO Elaine

Its getting lots of mention on the BBC world service radio and one of the words that keeps cropping up as to the cause is ARSON