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Re: Henry Ibbotson. Filesmith Arms


An H Ibbotson or Henry Ibbotson show up in the press at the Filesmith's Arms a bit in the late from 1863 on (as far as I can tell from a quick scan).

Telegraph 30 May 1863 the Filesmiths Arms, land, and outbuildings were for sale (subject to a lease on part of the property. It says that the place was “lately in the occupation of James Garside” (who’d died) and part of the property was occupied by Henry Ibbotson who had a lease from James Garside dated 8 July 1862, running for another seven years from 22 of November and with an annual rent of £28.

Bell's Life in London and Sporting Chronicle 10 December 1864 Pigeon shooting at “Mr H. Ibbotson’s, Filesmiths’ Arms, Oughtibridge”

Sporting Life 05 January 1870 “Mr H Ibbotson of the Filesmith’s Arms” increased the prize for pigeon shooting.

Sporting Life 20 April 1870 “Fair attendance” at the “Mr H Ibbotson’s, Filesmith’s Arms”

The Telegraph of 27 December 1873 had an advert from H Ibbotson, Oughtibridge about pigeon shooting at the **** Inn Oughtibridge and also a handicap at the Filesmiths Arms.

Sheffield Independent 05 April 1876 Henry Ibbotson, landlord of the Filesmiths’ Arms Oughtibridge was convicted after a domestic disturbance (fined £1 for drunkenness and £1 for assaulting a copper).

Telegraph 12 June 1888 Henry Ibbotson summonsed for serving during prohibited hours on a Sunday. He had a defence but had been convicted in the past (the last time 15 years previous) and was fined £1 plus 16s/6d in costs.

Incidentally the Telegraph 10 January 1905 had a death notice for George Ibbotson, aged 39, of the Filesmiths Arms (buried Oughtibridge Church Jan 11).


Andrew P.

Re: Henry Ibbotson. Filesmith Arms

It looks as Henry was at the Filesmith Arms for the 1871, could I ask for the 1871 details. Many thanks

Re: Henry Ibbotson. Filesmith Arms

The local 6 & 10 May 1856 newspaper notices also refer to "Henry Ibbotson, farmer"

Re: Henry Ibbotson. Filesmith Arms

There were two relevant advertisements in the Sept. 22, 1860 Sheffield Independent Sheffield
To be let, the Filesmith’s Arms … apply Bradley and Co, Brewers.

To be sold, … one undivided moiety or half-part of a valuable freehold farm, situate at Low Bradfield, in the occupation of Mr. Henry Ibbotson ….

Both had been advertised earlier.

Sheffield Independent Sheffield, Saturday, Mar. 30, 1861 the Filesmith Arms were again to be let “apply on the premises”

Sheffield Independent Sheffield, England
Saturday, Sept. 7, 1861
Filesmiths Arms again to be let. Apply to Messrs Hawson and Co

Sheffield Independent Sheffield, England
Saturday, May 3, 1862
Apply to Bradley’s Brewery

Sheffield Independent Sheffield, England
Tuesday, June 2, 1863
It is now the freehold that is for sale. The property is “now in the occupation of Henry Ibbotson”

Sheffield Independent Sheffield, England
Saturday, Aug. 8, 1863
The Filesmith’s Arms to be let. Apply Bradley’s Brewery

So Henry Ibbotson is at the Filesmith’s Arms by 1863, but tenure is still a bit shaky.

Re: Henry Ibbotson. Filesmith Arms

Hi Terry. Many thanks for all the info....have found Probate record that shows Henry (filesmith Arms) died 31 March 1897 followed by the 1901 which shows his wife Ann as licence Vitualler with son George as Barman which then link's with the death of George (filesmiths Arms) 1905.

Re: Henry Ibbotson. Filesmith Arms

Sorry to ask again...but know looking for this Henry Ibbotson on the 1851. According to this site Henry Ibbotson a farmer residing at Owlerton married Ann Stanley 4 May 1856 and his father was shown as Joseph Ibbotson, a farmer. Regards

Re: Henry Ibbotson. Filesmith Arms

Hi David,

1851 Haggstones, Wortley. Henry Ibbotson aged 20yrs (1831) is living with is widowed mother
Matilda. She is 49yrs old and a farmer occupying 50 acres + one employed man. Matilda born
Ecclesfield. Her son Henry is 20yrs old (1831) and a cutter born bradfield.
The other siblings are Joseph 23, Mary 15, Ann 11, William 9, + 1 farm servant.

1841 Worral, Ecclesfield. Joseph Ibbotson aged 40, farmer and cutler is with his wife Matilda aged
40yrs. Son Henry is 11yrs old and his siblings are Matilda 9yrs, George 7yrs, Mary 5yrs,
Elizabeth 3mo. All born in county.


Re: Henry Ibbotson. Filesmith Arms

Hi Moira. Thanks for that, but they are my 2nd great grandparents so not the right ones