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Andrews burial place

Hi everyone I am looking for the burial place of George Andrews 1885-1956 & wife Charlotte Andrews nee Charlotte webb Mawson 1884-1962 The family thought they were buried at City Road but I cannot find them

Many thanks

Re: Andrews burial place

Hi Angela,

Don't know if I can help any further but here goes.

George Andrews GRO Index.1885 - Dec qtr 1956 Sheffield 2d 59 aged 71.

By looking at our Burial Records you will see that most do not go as far as 1956.
Meaning they have not been transcribed. Sheffield Indexers cover City Rd burials to 1987.

If you look at the GRO index for deaths there is a gap between 1957 to 1984.
Reason being?????

However FreeBMD has

Charlotte Andrews 1884-to Sept qtr 1963 Sheffield 2d 265 Aged 78.

You could try City Road and see if either of them come up in their database.
That would cover all the cemeteries that they look after.
The Churchyards are a different matter and have probably not been transcribed.

These are very recent burials as far as transcribing is concerned. Sorry about that.

Elaine in Ottawa.

Re: Andrews burial place


I have found them in the cremation records for City Road Cemetery in Sheffield.

George Andrews (number in registry book 26347) Age:71 Date of cremation:16th Nov 1956
Charlotte Andrews (number in registry book 50,423) Age:78 Date of cremation:16th Aug 1862

There does not seem to be any recorded burial for the cremated remains so there is a possibility that their ashes were scattered.


Re: Andrews burial place

Many thanks Elaine and Rich I did ask if they had been cremated but the lady said their family were usually buried

Are City Road Cremations available on here please and how do I access them

Thank you for explaining the missing years Elaine

Re: Andrews burial place

What I now want you to do is look over at our BURIAL Records to the left.

Check what it says we have transcribed and especially the dates.

Elaine in Ottawa.

Re: Andrews burial place

Hi Rich,

Being a fair number of miles away from Sheffield.LOL.

Could you explain where you found that information please.

Elaine in Ottawa.

Re: Andrews burial place

Hello Elaine,

I have access to the online catalogue on familysearch. The cremation records are part of the burial records for City Road Cemetery.