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Transcribers Needed

Hi Folks,

I am back asking for help with our transcriptions before you all get caught up in spring gardening etc. LOL.

We have three projects, one that is near completion but more await us.

Carole is completing St James and will follow on with St Luke Dyers Hill marriages.

Libby is still working on St Pauls marriages and will then start St Judes Eldon St marriages.

Elaine we are working on St Stephen Netherthorpe.

We would love your help.If you can spare just a few hours per week we will get these projects completed.

Contact the Coordinator of each project please.


Thanks Elaine.

Hi Elaine

Hi Elaine. I have just joined Sheffield Indexers and noticed a message from Elaine in Ottawa. I know this is a long shot, but are you Elaine (nee Wilson), Gary Wilson's sister who used to live in Sheffield? If it is you then would love to say hello to you again after all these years. If you remember me, I used to be married to your brother Gary until we divorced in 1988.

Re: Hi Elaine

Hi Sue,

Yes Gary is my brother and I have sent you an email.