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Baslow Road circa 1921

I am trying to see if a building which is now known as the moorlands public house existed in 1921. The address of the pub is Baslow Road, Owler Bar, Sheffield but when I put Baslow Road in on the address search it comes up with nothing.

My question is in 1921 was Baslow Road known by a different name?

For all of you with Derbyshire connections this was once called Fanny's Night Club.

Any assistance please would be appreciated.

Stay safe please in this horrible Sheffield weather.


Re: Baslow Road circa 1921

Hi John

I checked the Totley section of my 1923 directory and it did have a place called the Moorlands on Baslow Rd. People listed at the Moorlands were:

IBBOTSON Joseph William
PARKER Joseph Hedley

The only public house listed on Baslow Rd was the Old Cross Scythes.


Re: Baslow Road circa 1921

PS - haven't been that way in years, but wasn't there a pub up there called the Peacock?


Re: Baslow Road circa 1921

Thank you Heather so I can only assume moorlands was a cottage. Yes there is a pub called the peacock its further up on the opposite side.

Re: Baslow Road circa 1921 has a map dated 1924.
It includes Owler Bar. The map includes the Peacock Hotel. Buildings are pretty sparse on the map in this area and nothing is shown at the site of today's The Moorlands.

A 1960 map shows the "Inn" (the Peacock) and there is an unnamed building near the Moorlands site.

I'd say the current large building is a comparatively modern structure.

In GoogleMaps, make your search:
The Moorlands, Baslow Road, Owler Bar, Sheffield, UK