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Henry Wilkinson - St John Cemetery Park

I wondered if you could give me any info regarding the graves at St. Johns Park.

I have searched on the Sheffield Indexers site and found what may have been one of of my ancestors;

WILKINSON, Henry (~, age 29).
Died at South St; Buried on January 8, 1845 in ~ ground;
Grave Number ~, Section ~ of St John Cemetery, Park.
Parent or Next of Kin if Available: ~. Remarks: ~.
Plot Owner: ~ ~ of ~. Page No 80
Find Similar in Same Grave Same Household if Available Surname Match if Available

On most other cemetery's when I click on the "Find Similar in Same Grave" I can find who else was buried there, which is very useful. But on this cemetery it just lists everyone buried in the cemetery.
I assume this is because the headstones/graves have been removed. So are there and records made of graves?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Re: Henry Wilkinson - St John Cemetery Park

Darren, the records we have transcribed for St John Park do not identify grave numbers. The "find similar in same grave" function can only find graves in the same graveyard with the same grave number. If there is no number then it will find every other grave with no number.
It has nothing to do with missing gravestones.

Re: Henry Wilkinson - St John Cemetery Park

If you click on MIs over to the left and scroll down to St John Park you will find a couple of contacts who will help.

Re: Henry Wilkinson - St John Cemetery Park

Thanks Dave

Re: Henry Wilkinson - St John Cemetery Park

Hi Darren,

Just checked the two photographs we have on site which show a very cleaned up site around the church. It was in a very neglected condition for years.

I would check with the Archives if they have plot numbers etc as I dont think City Road have ownership of the site. Church material would have been deposited with the Archives when the church closed.

You may have to tramp around the church to check it out.


Elaine in Ottawa.

Re: Henry Wilkinson - St John Cemetery Park

Could this be what you are looking for? Name Elizabeth Wilkinson
Age 37
Death or Burial Date 2 Feb 1851
Death or Burial Place Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Death or Burial Place (Original) Sheffield, St Paul, Pinstone Street, Yorkshire (West Riding), England
Death Date 1851
Birth Year (Estimated) 1814
Event Type Burial

Re: Henry Wilkinson - St John Cemetery Park

Hi, thanks for the reply. I did visit the church, there are some headstones that have been laid down, but none fitted Henry. I think I will have to check out the Archives. Thanks

Re: Henry Wilkinson - St John Cemetery Park

Hi Barry. This does look possible. Henry's wife was called Elizabeth and I believe she also died quite young, is this info linked to Henry's grave? Thanks for your help.

Re: Henry Wilkinson - St John Cemetery Park

CAPPER, Elizabeth (Spinster, age ~, ~, residing at of this Parish).
Married Henry WILKINSON, on May 8, 1837, by William Harris (Banns) at
Sheffield Parish Church, Church Street, Sheffield. Father's name is ~ (~).
Married in the presence of John Wilkinson,Mary Wilkinson. They had a daughter called Charity borne 1840, in the 1851 census she is living with grandparents Capper.