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Crookes Cemetery map

Like many cemeteries, a large number of Crookes Cemetery graves are in serious disrepair and certainly the majority need cleaning. It is about 10 years since I was last searching for graves here and, unlike in the past, there are very few distinguishable grave numbers. This made it pretty much impossible for me to find some of the graves in the sections I was interested in.

It would be great if there were just markers at the end of each row to give some guidance but I know that would cost some money and the council have other understandable priorities.

The map I use to find my way around is the standard online map showing sections But that is a small map of the whole site and has no detail other than section letters. I was wondering if anyone had done work to create section maps showing the start or end numbers of each row of graves? That might narrow down the search for me.

Re: Crookes Cemetery map

Hi Mark,

If you contact City Road they will send someone out to mark the graves for you.

They did that for me knowing I was going to be in Sheffield at a certain time etc.

Maybe if you are able to do any of the work yourself around the grave that would help also. There is a grounds keeper there and you should have a chat with him.

My brother did and was pleasantly surprised by the help he had.

If you look at the maps we have one for Handsworth Cemetery. Individual plots are shown. Thats is what might be available at City Road as they administer ALL the municipally owned cemeteries.

Elaine in Ottawa.

Re: Crookes Cemetery map

Sheffield Archives have plot plans for many of the Municipal Cemeteries. I haven't looked for one for Crookes but I wouldn't be surprised if they have them.


Re: Crookes Cemetery map

I've got the plot plans, pass the areas and i will email a copy.