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Walkley cemetery

Just wondered if anyone has has any records of this cemetery and could do a look up to see if there is a headstone please?

It's grave 211 section G.

The occupants are my great grandparents Frederick and Mary Ann SMITH and their granddaughter May OLIVER.

I'm not very lucky when it comes to headstones, but here's hoping.....

many thanks


Re: Walkley cemetery

Hi Jenny,

Nice yo see your name again.

I have two lists for St Mary Walkley.

The best blackberry bushes were found there. Dad used to drag us over there (two streets away) as he loved blackbery & apple pie.

The Burial Index was put together for the NBI. Covers 1880-1901.
In 2005 Hugh Waterhouse and many volunteers including myself (one day) put together a list of MI's covering roughly 1885-1961.

I can not see a section "G" or any of the names you have given.

When I was there in 2005 there was a large section that was covered by brambles.
What years were your burials?


Re: Walkley cemetery

Hi Jenny,

If you go to our Burial Records over to the left and check out Walkley Cemetery for Maps.

The Map for Walkley Cemetery shows that section G is at the bottom of the old section and down into the newer ones in what used to be a field.

You would have to walk it to see if it is covered by brambles. Not sure if the Vicar at St Mary's could help you out.


Re: Walkley cemetery

Hello Jenny,

Our plans do not show a gravestone for this grave. I will send you a copy of the detailed plot plan.

Hugh Waterhouse
Friends of Walkley Cemetery

Re: Walkley cemetery

Thank you both for replying. I'll have to go and have a wander around.