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Marriage error


KITCHEN, Ann (Spinster, age ~, ~, residing at Parish of Rotherham).
Married Paul ASHLEY, on April 30, 1830, by ~ (Licence) at
Parish Church, Rotherham. Father's name is ~ (~).
Married in the presence of ~.
Notes: .
Page No: ~ Reg No: ~

Should be HITCHEN.

Re: Marriage error

Hi Pete,

The transcription we have in our Database was given to us many years ago and I do not have the original material to check that her name should be Hitchin.

However looking at Family Search ours reads the same.

Name Paul Ashley
Sex Male
Residence Place Sheffield
Marital Status B
Spouse's Name "Ann Kitchen"
Spouse's Sex Female
Spouse's Residence Place Rotherham Minster
Spouse's Marital Status Single
Witness Name Joseph Cooke
Witness 2 Name Wm Jessop
Marriage Date 30 Apr 1830
Marriage Place Rotherham, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Marriage Place Rotherham Minster, Yorkshire (West Riding), England
Event Type Marriage
Document Type Marriages
Page 18
Source Publication Year Range 1830-1835
Reference PR-87-3-11
Affiliate Name Sheffield Archives & Local Studies
Church Name All Saints
Note L

If you would like to check it with Sheffield Archives I think that would be the best way to proceed.


Re: Marriage error

FamilySearch has 3 records of the Paul Ashley marriage 1830 Rotherham. Two have the bride as Kitchen and one has Hitchen

One that is viewable at home is film 007561576 (image 241). This is a printed book Yorkshire Marriage Registers, Rotherham 1830 published in 1915 and it is of course a transcription and not the original record.

It has: Paul Ashley, of Sheffield, & Ann Kitchen, p. R., lic. 30 Apr

The record in their England, Yorkshire, Parish Registers, 1538-2016 (“Kitchen”) probably has an image of the register but you need to be at a Family Search Center (sic) or at a partner site (some libraries are partners) to view it.

Re: Marriage error

I remember the name causing some problems when we transcribed a document.

Kitchen is a name in Sheffield.

I think I also saw a baptisms in Sheffield around 1809 for Ann Kitchen.


Re: Marriage error

I have had a look at the original on FMP and to me it is definately Hitchen.
The writing is how we were taught back in the day. There is the first downward stroke
with a very small loop on the right hand side at the bottom, then the long stroke from the bottom
left up across to the top right and then the downward stroke to the bottom.

Just hope you can understand the above.


Re: Marriage error

I’ve looked at the original and I agree with Moira. It’s definitely Hitchen.
There was a shop in Attercliffe called Hitchen’s, so the name isn’t totally alien in Sheffield.


Re: Marriage error

After looking at HITCHEN records for Sheffield there are very few all seem to sprout from a Charles c1764.

general cemetery
705 1841 Tv.10 death date08/03/1841 burial date10/03/1841 Charles HITCHEN 78 Gentleman Bridge Street, Sheffield Natural decay

"1844",1381,"V.T10","20/01/1844","24/01/1844","Hannah","ASHLEY","38","Wife of Mr. Paul Ashley","Owlerton, near Sheffield","Dropsy",,"Charles & Martha Hitchin","Hair seat manufacturer",

Hannah seems to have been shortened to Ann, they are at Watsons Walk 1841.

Re: Marriage error

Hi guys,

In a quandary as to what to do here.

I can not turn up the marriage that I see took place in Rotherham 1830.

The entry in Phillimore marriages is Kitchen as is the Bishops transcript for the licence.

However on a sons baptism Charles at SPC he is Charles Hitchin Ashley.



Edit. Found it further down the page.......

Looks like Hitchen but I don't think its her signature. looks the same as Paul's??? And the clerks.So a double Arrgh. Must try and find the baptism for Ann I found the other evening.

Charles baptism.
Ashley, Charles Hitchen (of Sheffield, born 1833-01-20).
Baptised September 30, 1835, by J.Gibson at Sheffield Parish Church, Church Street, Sheffield.
Parents name(s) are Hannah & Paul (Victualler).

A bit more to add to the confusion.

Name Ann Kitchen
Sex Female
Christening Date 14 May 1809
Christening Place Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul Sheffield, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Christening Place Cathedral Saint Peter, Sheffield, York, England
Birth Date 10 Apr 1809
Father's Name George Kitchen
Father's Sex Male
Mother's Name Ann
Mother's Sex Female
Event Type Christening

Re: Marriage error

Hannah Hitchen baptized 14 April 1805 St.Peter Sheffield father Charles Hitchen mother Martha ( DAWSON )

ASHLEY Paul 19 Oct 1835 inf "Sheffield,Watsons Walk" Paul(victualler)

Ashley, Paul (of Sheffield, born 1835-08-21).
Baptised September 30, 1835, by J.Gibson at Sheffield Parish Church, Church Street, Sheffield.
Parents name(s) are Hannah & Paul (Victualler).
Godparents: ~ :Page No 246 :Reg No 1967

Re: Marriage error

Hi Pete,

Have changed it for Hitchen with a note.



Re: Marriage error


I remember the Attercl8ffe Hitchens shop... cheap cheap cheap rubbish......does that mean I'm old?