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lost in 1871


I can't find my gt-gt-grandmother in the 1871 census. FMP just isn't throwing her up, maybe someone with Ancestry might have better luck?

Her name was Mary Ryan and she was born 30 June 1856 at 51 Brown Lane, Sheffield.
Her mother Rosina Ryan was a single woman. Rosina married Henry Cox in 1857.

In the 1861 census Mary was at 42 Brown St with her grandparents, John and Harriet Ryan.
Rosina was at Garsides Houses, Brown St, with Henry Cox and their daughter Eliza.
Henry died at 34 Brown Lane in July 1867, and Rosina then married Alfred Edwin Rutherford from Portobello St.

In 1871 John and Harriet Ryan were at 60 Brown St.
Their house at 42 Brown St had been taken over by their son Thomas and his family.
Rosina and her new husband were at No 2 Court Charles St with their son and Eliza Cox.
Mary wasn't with any of them, nor was she with her mums sisters Sarah and Isabella, or with Henry Cox's parents.

Mary married in 1873 from West John St.

I did find a Mary Ryan at the workhouse school on Rock St, however that child was 11 and my Mary would have been 15. Even if they wrote her age wrong, I doubt if she would still have been at school. Can any of you super sleuths find her?


Re: lost in 1871

all i got from Ancestry is Court 9 20 Furnace Hill father Peter,wife Ellen,Thomas and Mary,Ellen.Julia,Alice.



Re: lost in 1871

I put in Mary Ryan 1871 census born 1856/57 on FMP this came up. Ryan




1871 England, Wales & Scotland Census

Sheffield, Yorkshire & Yorkshire (West Riding), England. cannot access it as not subscribed. regards Barry

Re: lost in 1871

The one which Barry found was also the one with parents Peter and Ellen. I’m pretty sure that’s not her.

My Mary was illegitimate and she had no father mentioned on her birth certificate.
When she married my gt-gt grandpa she said her father was John Ryan, wood turner, but that was her grandfather.
One of my dads cousins told me that John and Harriet had brought Mary up as their own child.
Later, when she was a widow, Mary married again and that time round she said her father was Henry Cox.
I wondered if she might have been calling herself Cox in 1871, but I couldn’t find her using that name either.