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Hello from Ottawa Canada ( literal shouting distance from Elaine)

This message represents a 25 year pilgrimage of my family history on my fathers side(Sheffield and environs). During the course of this pilgrimage this site and many of its members have boosted me over brick walls and brought light to some of the closeted areas in which I found myself. Most of the pilgrimage has taken place on a desk top computer or a hand held i-phone. That situation is about to change. I find myself in the middle of planning for an actual physical pilgrimage to areas of family origin.

There is a story behind all of the places I plan to visit. Most stories do not represent what I might call typical family situations. Those of you who have assisted me along the way should know that I am extremely grateful. Your nudges, hand holding and even the prodding of a sharp stick now and again are truly the reason that I am finally able to undertake this most exciting voyage.

Once in Sheffield I hope to visit these locations…

George Herbert Littlewood
40 Bradwell Street Heeley Sheffield 1913
22 Fitzroy Road Heeley Sheffield 1911
46 Carfield Road 1905
Gleadless Road Evening School 1905
27 Heeley Green Heeley Sheffield 1901-1891
Heeley Bank Boys School 1895
4 Ct Saville Street Sheffield 1888 (Birth location Require baptism cert and Parish Church... is it Pitsmoor?)

George Hunter (long story)
Burial City Road 16816 DD
1Ct 13 Pearl Street (death)1910
27 Heeley Green 1901
27 Heeley Green 1891
2CT 8 Apple Street 1881
21 Colliers Row 1879
109 Pearl Street Ecclesall 1871
Lord Street Sheffield 1861
23 Lord Street Park Sheffield 1851
St Johns Church Sheffield Park 1849 Baptism
83 Lord Street Birth

Thomas Hunter
General NC Cemetery Sheffield 7749 L174 1879
21 Long Henry Street (back of?)death 1879
Sheffield Union Workhouse 1879
Sheffield Union Workhouse 1871
Lord Street Park 1861
83 Lord Street Park 1855
23 or 83 Lord Street Park 1851
Westfield Terrace (Marriage cert 1841) Sheffield Parish Church Sheffield St Peter and Paul
Christening at Handsworth St Mary 1807
Gleadless Commonside birth location

Robert Hunter
Burial Handsworth St. Mary 1840
78 Hollins End res. at death 1840
Woodthorpe Commonside from birth of son Timothy (Tymothy)
Handsworth 1762 Christening

Robert Hunter (Sr)
Woodthorp Commonside from Burial at St. Mary Handsworth and marriage same church.

Other addresses of interest
9 Hall Car Street 1871 1861
Wicker Parish Church
Spital Hill
BurngreaVE cEMETERY 124 Sec Y General (Frank Littlewood and 3 of his children)
" " 75 Sec 02 James Whitty

I am seeking a business that makes grave markers but I am not sure about what English law might say about having a marker placed on an unmarked grave by a descendant. I hesitate to proceed in advance of the trip in case there is a snag but I would truly like to see the marker in place before I leave. Any advice or direction would be appreciated.

Thank you

Re: Pilgrimage

Hi Jim,

Nice to see your name again and your planning of a very worth while pilgrimage.

I think I can help with two of your requests.

The Burials at Burngreave.... talk to Christine at Friends of Burngreave Cemetery.

Any queries should be addressed directly to Christine Steers

Re the stone......let me check with my brother who placed a flat stone in Crookes cemetery for us. Just a maker (stick like) the cemetery placed free of charge but was removed by the large mower.

I will be back.


Edit. George Herbert Littlewood do I have the correct one? Mother Sarah a widow on the 1891 census.

Re: Pilgrimage

George Herbert Littlewood
Mother Sarah Ann Littlewood born Whitty
Father George Hunter. ( Frank Littlewood, Sarah’s first husband died before George Herbert was born. Hugh figured that out for me. As it turns out my last name might have been Hunter. Our line continued as Littlewood despite the anomaly. Sarah had 7 children by Frank preceded by 1 illegitimate. 8 by George Hunter all of whom ended up coming to Canada. Her children by Frank all stayed in Sheffield but are not related to me by blood.

Re: Pilgrimage

Yes. Widowed 1881 before the 1881 UK

Re: Pilgrimage

Don't bother with Saville St Jim it's all non residential today.
Wicker Parish Church was Wicker Congregational flattened in '59.
Sheffield Union Workhouse is now the Northern General Hospital on Herries Rd.
They make gravestones opposite the City Rd Cemetery, contact the bereavement office at the cemetery.
And take a look on



Re: Pilgrimage


The Wicker Parish Church was the Holy Trinity and is still there.


Re: Pilgrimage

Unable to edit:
- it is now called The New Testament Church of God

Re: Pilgrimage

Hi there

When is your pilgrimage to be to our fair city, and for how long?

I have researched and traced a lot of my Canadian family who are decended from Sheffield emigrees, and visited them, where I got an overwhelming welcome by the Canadians. Lovely folk. In the light of this I should like to offer myself as a Sheffield and environs guide to you during your stay (in Sheffield I assume). Free of charge of course, to show my appreciation for you Canadians. I am a family history researcher of 30 plus years, and know Sheffield inside out. I also hold various old maps showing old streets and buildings now gone, in case you just want to stand on the turf your family inhabited.(Yes I know that urge!)

I could help you plan your various trips to maximise time. Give suggestions on hotel, B and B's, guest houses etc in central areas. I could do a lot of the prep work before you arrive, with a bit more detailed info of course.

I have a 4 seater car to take you around. Sheffield's one way systems and anti-vehicle city centre, and parking restrictions are not for the faint hearted, and a lot of time can be wasted if you don't know your way around.


Re: Pilgrimage

What a fantastic offer Ann. I am sure Jim will be in touch with you and yes he is a very nice person.

Elaine in a 92cm snowy Ottawa.

Re: Pilgrimage

Hi Jim

I have emailed you.


Re: Pilgrimage

Hi Elaine

Lovely skiing weather!!!


Re: Pilgrimage


Do you want to get involved in any of this when Jim comes over...I mean with your recent expertise for your lads' benefit...if any of it coincides with his areas in Sheffield? A lot of mine do as it happens. Feel free to tag along.


Re: Pilgrimage

Hello All
I am humbled by these offers to say the least.

There is so much more to genealogy than date determination and certification. I would not know half of what I do now without the help and cooperation of fellow researches and in particular the vast number of indexers that reveal the old records. I tried doing it once and to be honest I found it impossible.

I have been enlightened by folks on this forum and volunteers in Guildford, Preston and Liverpool. Sheffield Family History also provided a solid basis of fact for my research. All in all I consider myself a lucky man. I am the only person living or dead to know the truths that previous generations deemed too sensitive to pass on. Stumbling blindly into the abyss of the past I was able to not only deduce facts but I was inspired to keep digging and learn to ask questions to colour between the lines and look outside the lines for cultural direction and the stories and reason attached to the facts.

My visit will involve a visit to the unmarked grave of my real great grandfather. A man who had 8 children with my great grandmother and all of whom emigrated to Canada upon his death or shortly after. He died in 1910 and I am pretty sure I will be the first visitor to his grave in over 100 years. It is bound to be emotional.

As for placing a stone on his grave I can do that or make the trip but not both. Selfishly I have decided to go as there are other compelling histories up and down the crooked branches of my family tree that need a witness.

Thanks seems a small word in context. Please know it to be sincere.