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1921 census

Hi I wonder if anyone had a subscription to find my past could they be so kind as to do a look up for me
I’ve waited a long time for this because it’s the first one my dad was on only to find you can’t look it up at the record office or library
My dads name was Frank Payne and he lived with his brothers James Rhodes Walter Payne and his sister Ethel his parents Florence and Harry Payne I think it may have been on shoreham street Sheffield
My dad would have been about 5 and that was just before his dad died and they alll ended up in care
I have done all well my family tree apart from this so would be very grateful if someone could do this for

Re: 1921 census

Hi Irene.

Unless you have a premium subscription to is £3:50 to view the census schedule.


Re: 1921 census

Without subscription you can search the INDEX (ie the transcript) (notoriously erroneous). The the family is in Rockingham Street. The Head of house is absent (could he be in Hospital?)
Florence b 1885 Swadlincote is WIFE and she has 5 sons William Henry Phrdes (sic)18, then , all Paynes, Wilbert 15, James 11, Frederick 5, Walter 1 and in between there is daughter Ethel 8.

As Angela already said you can purchase the original for £3.50.

Re: 1921 census

Hi Dave
Thankyou fir your reply
There was more people living there then I thought
It’s funny they seem to have Frederick instead of Frank but the right age
I knew it was either shoreham st or rockingham
Very interesting and Thankyou for the look up

Re: 1921 census

I think the 1921 census should be available at your local library as long as they offer access to FMP to the public. I spoke to my local library just before Christmas and was told access had been available for about three weeks. I haven't yet been there to check if that really is the case but it might be worth checking with them.

Re: 1921 census

Oh right
I did ask them last year but they hadn’t got access then
I’m going to my library this afternoon so will enquire about it thank you