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Low Rd

Please could someone help please I have received a birth certificate and the address is Low Street Sheffield Park the only one I can find is in Stannington but that is Low Rd any help would be appreciated
Thank you

Re: Low Rd

My 1968/69 Street Map shows.

Low Road... Stannington.

Low Street...31 South St to Duke St Park Sheffield 2.

Do you have an Alan Godfrey Map of Sheffield Park. That might help with future research.

Elaine in Ottawa.

Re: Low Rd

Hi Elaine
Thank you for your reply, I don't have an Allen Godfrey map of Sheffield Park I will get one

Re: Low Rd

Hi Chrisw

Elaine is correct.

There is a link to a map portion you can download below:
As I have uplaoded the image as a guest the image will not be held for long.

It is taken from The National Library of Scotland site:
which is an extremely useful resource for historical maps.

Kind regards