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Site Update

After 23 years of being involved with many of you. First with Eng-Sheffield and then with Sheffield Indexers. Our many attempts at getting started (crashes) it's been a pleasure working with all of you.

Like many of you I love family history and hope to carry on a while longer. We do have to think about the inevitable. I have made my wishes known and they are as follows.

If I can no longer carry on and we can not find someone to take it over as is then the Database would gladly be accepted by FreeReg. They have very little on Sheffield. The last time I looked into how much we have in the database it was nearing the two million entries. Not bad for being told back in 2000 that it would never work.

Terry Ford has been working away photographing the many registers at Sheffield Archives for us. Thank you Terry. I think he has moved a bed in down there. LOL. Denise Lindley our webmaster keeps us all on the straight & narrow. DaveT & Moira keep an eye on the Message Forum and our checkers for all the transcriptions that come in are checked by Libby Wainwright, Carole Freeman Dunn, Jenny Taylor and our new checker Denise Hulley.

******We will be starting three New Projects within the next week.******
St Paul's (Peace Garden) Coordinator Libby
St James (Nr the Cathedral) Coordinator Carole
St Stephen Netherthorpe Coordinator Elaine.

**If you have already been helping Libby & Carole with transcribing they will be contacting you to help with their projects. *BUT we can always use more*. So please contact me at:-**

Keep going with your Family History those brick walls will come down eventually.

Take care

Elaine & the team at Sheffield Indexers.

Re: Site Update

Hello Elaine
Thank for update - hope you are well.
Your site has been a blessing for the Friends of Burngreave Cemetery. We have regular visits from people with information obtained from your website and full of praise for all the other information to be found.
Take care, Christine.

Re: Site Update

I opened the site today to ask if you are interested in copies of three wills all relating to Sheffield that I have obtained recently. 1703, 1777, 1794. Instead I came across your email about the future of the site.
In the eventuality the site cannot be maintained I just want to thank everyone involved for the invaluable assistance that has been provided in unravelling my Winnell ancestors from Sheffield. Without this help I would probably have given up. Maybe?
Thanks everyone,

Bev Wilson

Re: Site Update

Hi Bev,

On behalf of all the volunteers with Sheffield Indexers I thank you for your kind comments. We hope to carry on as is in the near future.

Not being an IT person I will leave that part of your question re early WILLS to Dave & DeniseL. It would be how they could be shown on the site.

I have a question for you.......

My maiden name was "Wilson". Would your Wilson line happen to come from Skew Hill, Ecclesfield, Hillsborough and Walkley?

Thanks again for your comments on the Message Forum.

Elaine in a very snowy Ottawa.

Re: Site Update

Hi Elaine,

My family name was Bowden and this branch of the family are from Falmouth, Cornwall. I inherited the name Wilson from my ex husband so that rules out any Wilson links.

I'm in the process of transcribing the Wills and will contact Dave of Denise when I've finished.

Bev, in a quite warm, (predicted 33c) sunny Melbourne. I can't even imagine living in a snowy environment.

Re: Site Update

Hi Bev,

Thanks for your update on your Wilson clan. I was hoping to check out some of my more questionable ancestors. LOL

Elaine in a sunny but cold day. minus 10deg cel.