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Verona Ibbotson/Ibbetson 1881 census

Verona Ibbotson/Ibbetson born illegitimate 1877 to Sarah Jane Ibbotson. Sarah Jane Ibbotson married Benjamin Senior 1879. Have found the family on the 1881 at Nooks farm Hoylandswaine but Verona does not seem to be with them. Verona's sister Jane Ellen born 1878 also illegitimate is on the 1881 with the family. Any help to locate Verona appreciated.

Please note. I do have Verona on later census and her marriage to William Matthew Unwin 1896

Re: Verona Ibbotson/Ibbetson 1881 census

Like you I have been struggling to find an 1881 record. As she was not with the Senior family in 1881, and she was in work in 1891 aged 14 I'm wondering if she was in another household in 1871 and recorded in the name of that household.

Do you have the 1896 marriage record? As a 19 year old she would have needed a parent/guardian consent and a father or substitute's name should have been recorded.

Re: Verona Ibbotson/Ibbetson 1881 census

Hi Terry. I don't have her marriage certificate, but you have a good point!! I do have her baptism record as Cawthorne 10 Feb 1878 with mother Sarah Jane Ibbotson as spinster. The 1891 for her with Henry & Elizabeth Bramall...Elizabeth was an Ibbotson and her aunt. Freebmd have her birth as Veenora Ibbetson, Halifax, which would fit with Brighouse on the 1891 ( cannot find her on gro)

I have received an Ancestry message from Verona's ggg grandaughter which the family story was that Verona & Jane Ellen were fathered by one of the Spencer-stanhope family of Cannon Hall Cawthorne, but not confirmed.

Re: Verona Ibbotson/Ibbetson 1881 census

The Spencer connection is claimed in some family trees at Ancestry.

But the child Verona O M D A Spencer in the 1881 Spencer household is surely this birth registration:
GRO Reference: 1880 M Quarter in MANSFIELD Volume 07B Page 87

Trees claim that child died in 1882 with this FreeBMD record:
Deaths Sep 1882 (>99%)
Spencer Verona Ottoline M D A 2 Mansfield 7b 41

Unless there is something else supporting the story I think the claimed Ibbotson connection is a bit tenuous.

Re: Verona Ibbotson/Ibbetson 1881 census

Her marriage witnesses were Tom Antcliffe and Annie Unwin


Re: Verona Ibbotson/Ibbetson 1881 census

Going through some old paper work regarding Verona's sister Jane Ellen Ibbotson and found a family search christening record which gives Jane Ellen Ibbotson 27 Nov 1878 at St Philip's Sheffield, mother Sarah Jane Ibbotson, father Benjamin Ibbotson...which is confusing becouse Sarah Jane did marry a "Benjamin" Senior in 1879

Re: Verona Ibbotson/Ibbetson 1881 census

Hi David,

Been following your twists and turns with your Ibbotson line. Hoping to find that link with mine.

The following is in our database.

Ibbotson, Jane Ellen (of 5 John St, born ~).
Baptised November 27, 1878, by C.R.Killick at St Philips Church, Shalesmoor.
Parents name(s) are Sarah Jane & Benjamin (Engineer).

With a number of our earlier transcriptions we had an agreement with the LDS (Family Search) that they would furnish us with the material and we would do the transcription. So in many cases what they have on line is what we have in our database.

GRO Information.

GRO Reference: 1878 D Quarter in ECCLESALL BIERLOW Volume 09C Page 334

I would say there is a good chance that Benjamin Senior is her father.


Re: Verona Ibbotson/Ibbetson 1881 census

Hi Elaine. Benjamin Senior (Engineer) that's confusing me?. The 1881 RG11/4614 does give Benjamin & Sarah Jane Senior (Sarah Jane Ibbotson) along with Jane Ellen Ibbotson, daughter at Nook with Benjamin as a farmer of 43 acres. Everything else after the 1881 does give the family at Nook Farm and Benjamin as a farmer.

Re: Verona Ibbotson/Ibbetson 1881 census

Hi Dave,

Don't get to caught up with the occupation of Benjamin on the baptism of Jane Ellen.

I have found Verona's marriage to William Unwin and there is no father listed for Verona. I have sent you a copy.


Re: Verona Ibbotson/Ibbetson 1881 census

Many thanks Elaine, greatly appreciated.

Re: Verona Ibbotson/Ibbetson 1881 census

The most likely place for illegitimate Verona to be in 1881 is with Sarah Jane's parent(s). Am I right in thinking that would be the widow Christiana Ibbotson?
She is on both 1871 and 1891 censuses but is missing from the 1881.

Re: Verona Ibbotson/Ibbetson 1881 census

Hi Dave. Sarah Jane Ibbotson's parents were John Ibbotson 1825-1892 & Eliza Ann (GARSIDE) Ibbotson 1827-1885. The 1881 RG11/4662 have the family at 52 Greystock St Brightside Bierlow, no Verona. The 1891 RG12/3834 then shows John Ibbotson widower with Amos & Ann Johnson ( Ann was aslo John's daughter) at 27 Corby St Brightside Bierlow. I'm can only assume Verona could be somewhere in Brightside Bierlow area?