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bodies donated to medical science.....

hi just wondering if there is any record/ register of people from sheffield and surrounding areas who may have donated their bodies to science? i.e if no burial or cremation record exists?

Re: bodies donated to medical science.....

Even if such a list exists it would is highly unlikely it would be open to the public

Re: bodies donated to medical science.....

I believe that, when finished with, the bodies are buried or cremated as would normally happen after death. I assume that there would then be records as usual.

Re: bodies donated to medical science.....

Hello Laura.
We have a list of all those who donated their bodies to medical science and are buried in Burngreave. If you type Sheffield Medical School into the address box of the Burial records on this site, a few come up.They are variously describer as from Sheffield Medical School Sheffield University and other labels. Other cemeteries in Sheffield were used also. Sheffield University Medical School has compiled a list so it might be worth contacting them
Christine, Friends of Burngreave Cemetery