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Ann Winnell Burial

I found a burial on Find My Past for an Ann Winnell on 8 March 1778 (Yorkshire Burials). It says she is the daughter of Kinsey Winnell. However, there are two Kinsey Winnells, father 1717-1794 and son 1737 -1817 and I'm trying to establish which one might have been her father. There is no additional information indicating her father's occupation or her mother's name which would help solve this issue.
I've also tried Ancestry and Family Search without any success. Can anyone suggest any other sources which might provide this additional information, or should I add this to my unresolved list?

Bev Wilson

Re: Ann Winnell Burial

Hi Bev

I've just found a baptism in Sheffield on 22nd June 1768 for a Hannah, daughter of Kinsie Winnell breechesmaker.

Hope this helps


Re: Ann Winnell Burial

Hi Bev, There is a family tree on Familysearch which has Kinsie Winnell 1737-1817 and Martha Beldon 1740-1783 as her parents. And a marriage for them 30 June 1763 Sheffield. The difference is they have Hannah as dying 1770 but i cannot find any death for her in 1770. regards Barry

Re: Ann Winnell Burial

Hi Barry and Jenny,

Thanks for your feedback. The Hannah you refer to was the daughter of Kinsey Winnell, breeches maker, (1737-1817) The record of her death was under Windle. The image is attached under memories on her record on Family Search. I think is my tree your are referring to. Hannah and Anna seem to have been interchanged in the family. Also, the use of Windle and Winnell as the family name.

I guess I need to be prepared that Ann, daughter of Kinsey, might remain unresolved. How frustrating!


Re: Ann Winnell Burial

Hi Bev,

The marriage license which FMP have for Kinsey Winnell snr says that his wife Catherine was 21 at the time. That would have made her around 50 at the time of Ann/Hannah’s baptism and she’d have had something like 29 years of childbearing behind her. Not impossible for her to have been the mother of Ann, but maybe more likely that she was the grandma?