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Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

Would anyone hold any further details relating to a marriage between Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White, Ecclesall B 1867 (freebmd) Joseph's father if that's possible.

Re: Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

Hi David,

You love to come up with difficult ones. LOL.

The only mention of this marriage is as you said with FreeBMD. March qtr 1867. EB 9c 264. and a photo of the page on FMP.

I have a vast number of marriages be they on Cd's or our site and can not find that marriage for you.

I wonder...... If they were married at the Registry Office it would be entered at the GRO but I dont have a disk (if there is one) for such.

I even looked on the 1871 census for them and could not spot a Joseph with a wife Elizabeth.

Thats my two cents worth I am afraid.

Take care Elaine.

PS he's not one of my Ibbotsons.

Re: Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

Sorry for being difficult ha ha.

I cannot find them on the 1871 either, but I think I have found Elizabeth (widow) along with son George 1828 & daughter Ann 1829 (gro does give mother White) on the 1881 Bradfield & 1891 Zion Terrace Oughtibridge. Joseph died 26 Jan 1881 and Elizabeth 19 Apr 1892 and are both buried in Church of Ascension. There headstone is on find a grave. Just cannot link this Joseph born 1828 with my lot as yet. Regards

Re: Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

I think Joseph's father was John Ibbotson, shoemaker.

Using GRO, there are 3 children born in Wortley Reg District - George Ibbotson 1867, Joseph Ibbotson 1870 and Ann Ibbotson 1869. Their mothers' maiden name was White.

The family is in Oughtibridge in 1871 census. There is an older son - William Senior Ibbotson 14 years old.
Again using GRO, his mother's maiden surname was Senior.

There is a marriage Dec 28 1853 at St George's, Sheffield
Anna Senior and Joseph Ibbotson.

Joseph's father is given as John Ibbotson, shoemaker.

There was a burial for Anna Ibbotson, 26, of Wharncliffe Side at Bradfield 23 Oct 1858.

According to 1871 census, Elizabeth White was born in Northamptonshire.

I hope this helps

Re: Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

Apologies got George & Ann birth wrong should have been 1868 & 1869

Re: Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

Hi David,

The only Joseph I have is the following. Fingers crossed.

Ibbotson, Joseph (of Tagstones, born ~).
Baptised April 6, 1828, by Mos Coldwell at St Nicholas, Bradfield.
Parents name(s) are Matilida & Joseph (Lab).
Note: ~

He's in my tree but not related as we were trying to link yours and mine. I hadn't deleted him as I felt there probably was a link somewhere.


Re: Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

Hi Folks,

I just found this.

Joseph Ibbotson son of Robert & Sarah Ibbotson born Wadsley Parish of Ecclesfield. Born 7 April 1828 and Baptised 2 June 1828.

Non Conformist Baptisms Norfolk St Brunswick & Park Chapels (wesleyan).

Not saying this is your guy David.


Re: Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

On Find My Past

Joseph Ibbotson baptised 1st April 1827 at Bradfield
Son of John, a shoemaker, and Hannah - of Birks House.


Re: Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

And..... another marriage that maybe of interest.

Dec qtr 1853 Joseph Ibbotson & Anna Senior Sheffield 9c 501.

March qtr 1867 Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White. EB 9c 264

Wm Senior Ibbotson baptised at St Nicholas Bradfield.22 Feb 1857.
father Joseph a Filesmith. Mother Anna. Abode Democel? Ecclesfield.

When Malcolm Nunn and I transcribed the registers at St Nicholas some of the pages were very hard to read so I can't vouch for the content being 100%. We did our best. We covered 1733 to 1840. I was using fiche which made it doubly hard.

Elaine in Ottawa.

Re: Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

Many thanks for all the info. Will look into it all. Regards

Re: Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

Consider if these (GRO) births are connected to your target couple:

GRO Reference: 1867 J Quarter in WORTLEY Volume 09C Page 247

GRO Reference: 1869 M Quarter in WORTLEY Volume 09C Page 238

GRO Reference: 1870 J Quarter in WORTLEY Volume 09C Page 242

GRO Reference: 1872 M Quarter in WORTLEY Volume 09C Page 230

GRO Reference: 1873 D Quarter in WORTLEY Volume 09C Page 270

GRO Reference: 1878 J Quarter in WORTLEY Volume 09C Page 319

Consider this household in Oughtibridge Bradfield 1871 (no detailed address)
Joseph Ibbotson 43 Head born Wharncliffe Side,
Elizabeth Ibbotson 34 Wife born Notthamton (sic)
William Senior Ibbotson 14 Son born Wharncliffe Side
George Ibbotson 3 Son born Oughtibridge
Ann Ibbotson 2 Daughter born Oughtibridge
Joseph Ibbotson 9/12 Son born Oughtibridge

Re: Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

Been checking on the Anna Senior marriage and it seems correct....the 1851 gives Anna's parents as George & Mary Senior at Damosel House and it seems Mary was an Ibbotson. Have found Anna's 1858 headstone on Find a Grave at St Nicholas along with Joseph 1881? and her parents plus William Senior Ibbotson ( shown as WSI) But still checking it out.

Re: Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

Having to correct my previous post regarding George Senior's wife Mary being an Ibbotson....I think she was a Ward. Can anyone confirm a Marriage for George Senior & Mary Ward 1832 Ecclesfield. Many thanks

Does anyone have any info on Damosel House? I am assuming Bradfield area.

Re: Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

A search of Bradfield Archives for Damosel produces 80 answers. It appears to have been an area "in the township of Bradfield" and there was a Lane, and a cottage.
Much associated with members of the Senior family as well as others.

Re: Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

Marriage 25 June 1832 St Mary’s Ecclesfield, by banns. George Senior and Mary Ward, both otp. Curate was Robert W Bosanquet. Didn’t say what their marital statuses were. Witnesses were Hannah Nutt and John Bamforth.


Re: Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

Damasel Lane (NOTE THE SPELLING) still exists today just north of Onesacre and close to Wharncliffeside.

Re: Joseph Ibbotson & Elizabeth White

Hello Dave/Heather. Many thanks greatly appreciated.