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Breech Maker - Sheffield

I've been researching Kinsey Winnell of Sheffield who lived between 1737-1817. His occupation on documentation is given as "breech maker." I'm wondering if anyone can offer any suggestion on what this occupation might have entailed? I don't know if he made clothing and guns!!
Any suggestions welcome.

Bev Wilson

Re: Breech Maker - Sheffield

His death record (1817 Sheffield Parish Church ) clearly states he was a BREECHES MAKER. so he was a worker in leather.

Re: Breech Maker - Sheffield has a family tree for Kinsey/Kinsie Winnell. It includes some supporting images of documents. One is the burial record which has him as a "breeches maker"
The 1770 baptism of Catherine Winnell has: breeches'm
1768 baptism of Hannah Winnell: Breechesmaker.

They are all in the plural. I think he made breeches/britches - the garment, rather than the gun part.

Re: Breech Maker - Sheffield

Thanks for the feedback. Initially my thoughts were that his occupation was to do with clothing until I checked 'old occupations' which also referred to gun parts. Given Sheffield's steel history I didn't want to rule the possibility out.
Regards, Bev

Re: Breech Maker - Sheffield

Thanks Terry, I think the tree you are referring to is the one I have been working on. I've decided to add all my information. Maybe one day the various branches of my Sheffield Winnells will be reunited!!!!!