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Taylor / Goodlad


I'm trying to clarify the situation regarding the wife of my 4x gt-grandfather, John Taylor. He was a plasterer, but had also done a cutlers apprenticeship. (We had quite a few plasterers in the family, and my Dad said that they all did other work when the weather was too poor for plastering.)

I have the following info about the wife:

Baptism 11/10/1815 Sheffield, Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of John Taylor, plasterer, and Mary.
Marriage 26/6/1820 Sheffield, John Taylor to Ann Goodlad.
Baptism 24/2/1822, William son of John, plasterer, and Hannah.
Burial 13/8/1822 William Goodlad Taylor, son of John Taylor, labourer of Townhead St.
Baptism 23/10/1823 Ann Taylor (born 3/05/1823) daughter of John and Ann, plasterer. Ann later married George Peckett, and her address was given as Townhead St.
Baptism 22/06/1827 George Taylor (born 27/12/1823) son of John and Mary, plasterer.
Possible baptism 20/07/1828 John Taylor, son of John and Mary, labourer.
1841 census John Taylor plasterer at Tenter St Bates Square with (wife?) Ann, and children John and Hannah. A George Goodlad is listed 2 doors away from him.
Burial 12/12/1841 St Georges, Ann Taylor of Bates Square Pea Croft aged 41.
22/09/1844 Marriage George Taylor to Ellen Leppett. This says his father John was a cutler, and the witness was George Peckett. (There might also be a Hallam Bank record saying George Taylor's mothers name was Goodlad but I can't find what I did with it.)
1851 census, John Taylor plasterer and his son John are listed together with George and Hannah Peckett as George's father-in-law and brother-in-law.

Now... my problem. As you can see, the name of John's wife flips from Mary to Ann/Hannah, then back to Mary, and then back to Ann, and so I'm getting my knickers in a twist over this :sweat_smile: . There is a baptism for a Mary Ann Goodlad in 1801, parents George and Sarah. Could that be John Taylor's wife? If someone was called Mary Ann could they be listed on one record as Mary and on another as Ann? Your thoughts please!


Re: Taylor / Goodlad

Hi Heather,

You asked. "If someone was called Mary Ann could they be listed on one record as Mary and on another as Ann? Your thoughts please! "

I would say Yes.. sloppy book keeping.

I had the same question of one of my rellies. Even with the GRO they split the name Mary and line below Ann. So I wonder if its how someone else would read it quickly scanning it.


Re: Taylor / Goodlad

I can't make useful comment about "Mary" but I have a g-g grandmother in Sheffield whose formal name is Hannah but appears in some census records as Ann.

Her daughter's death registration gave the mother's name as Annie.

So, Ann / Anna / Annie / Hannah can be alternates for the same person.

Re: Taylor / Goodlad

Hi Elaine and Terry

Thanks! I will go with Mary Ann Goodlad then.