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Illness in 1923

Before I send off for details of deaths, I have two children in a tree I am doing both buried on 9th Feb 1923 one aged 17 months the other 3 months.

I was wondering therefore was there an epidemic of Scarlet Fever/ Cholera etc at that time please?

Thanks in advance


Re: Illness in 1923

By 1922 scarlet fever was considered a mild disease.
As at 24 October 1922 34 cases of scarlet fever were reported for the previous week (the 6 week average was 23). On 5th December 1922 the scarlet fever rate was reported as being steady, the following week 41 new cases were reported. On 30th January 1923 37 cases were notified. On 27th February 1923 38 new cases had been notified the previous week. So there does not seem to have been a peak around that time, though it was not good news if you were in the avaerage number.

During the same period the newspapers made no particular reference to cholera.

Re: Illness in 1923

Cheers Ted