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Robert Henry Brown

This is following on from my previous post regarding Robert's parents.

On his marriage cert in 1898 Sheffield his father is named as Samuel Brown (labourer). He was 23 years old, so born around 1875

I've found Robert on 1911 and 1901 censuses and he states he was born in Middlesbrough.

I now "think" I've found the right family.

Robert Henry Brown born 1874 Ormsby, father Samuel, mother Ellen.
James (brother ) born 1877 Middlesbrough " " " "
(several other children born in different areas)

Found the family in 1891 living in Radford Nottingham. Samuel was born 1850 in Kelby Lincolnshire.

1881 living in Lincoln.

1871 Samuel in N Ormsby. He married Ellen Short in 1871

I would like to find them in 1901 but don't know where to look.

Any help greatly appreciated


Re: Robert Henry Brown

Hi Jenny, Samuel Brown married Ellen Short 3rd q 1871 Guisborough. BROWN, ROBERT HENRY SHORT
GRO Reference: 1874 S Quarter in GUISBRO Volume 09D Page 527
GRO Reference: 1877 M Quarter in MIDDLESBROUGH Volume 09D Page 629

Re: Robert Henry Brown

Jenny, I have checked every possibility. I shall stick my neck out and say it is pretty certain that this family somehow evaded the 1901 census.


Re: Robert Henry Brown

The 1891 census, Radford, has what is I think your family. It includes Alice age 3 born "Lincoln."
The best that I can come up with in 1901 born c 1888 Lincolnshire, who's not with a household headed by Robert or Ellen etc is:
Alice Brown, age 13, born Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, at 39 The Newarks Girls Orphanage, Leicester, "All these girls are being trained for domestic service". There were 15 girls there.

Tuck that away as a possibility.

Re: Robert Henry Brown

1921 Census Nottingham, Maud Street
Florence Whitehead b1889 Nottingham
John Whitehead b1886 ditto HEAD
Mabel Whitehead b1907 ditto
Nellie Whitehead b1910 ditto

Florence Brown married John Whitehead Nottingham 1907

Re: Robert Henry Brown

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Should have added Samuel was MARRIED

Re: Robert Henry Brown

Thanks to everyone who has replied. I spent most of yesterday trawling through the 1901 census but couldn't find the family so I also think they were missed off for some reason!

Interesting to see information on the 1921 census as I now know the family were still in Nottingham.

I'd also found the info about Alice and wondered if both her parents had died but obviously not so maybe wrong person.

Think I might have to put this family to bed now so thanks everyone.