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1939 address

On the 1939 there is a George & Rose Ibbotson at the address "Assinobaia West Lane Bradfield". This may be a long shot but the name Assinobaia links to a family story I have and I'm wondering if anyone knows if it still exists. The story says it was a bungalow. Kind regards

Re: 1939 address

According to 1939 Register it was on West LANE not West Street.
It looks a though it still exists (Googlemaps Street View) and it is a bungalow Its name is not obviously there but other bungalows around it match (with names clearly visible)to the ones aruond it on the 39 Register,


Re: 1939 address

Hi Dave

Many thanks for info will have a look on Google.

PS. Would there be any records of it being built held possibly by Sheffield Council? It was early 1920's

Re: 1939 address

Hi Dave,

Have you tried Malcolm Nunn at Bradfield Archives.

Elaine in Ottawa.