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Orphanages around Hollow Meadows/Loxley

My Friend who lived at Loxley, went to school there and he says they had children from an orphanage at his school. 1950-1960

He thinks they came from Hollow Meadows Area, hes not now sure, passage of time has dulled his brain.

Anybody have ideas as he is trying to trace an old friend.

Any help greatly received

Re: Orphanages around Hollow Meadows/Loxley


If you use this web address there is a long conversation about the subject


Re: Orphanages around Hollow Meadows/Loxley

I thought it was Thornseat Lodge but he said that was in the wrong area - Its even the right name. Amazing thank you

Re: Orphanages around Hollow Meadows/Loxley

Hello Kathleen

The orphanage at Hollow Meadows was at Moscar Lodge and the children from there along with children from the farms and houses from that area also went to Loxley School

Regards - Malcolm Nunn

Re: Orphanages around Hollow Meadows/Loxley

Oh Many thanks for this - Yes he did live on a Farm - Hes now moved from the area. Due to age and memory he went driving looking for it but cannot find it. Have you a location and is it still there? sorry to ask so many questions but I do not know this area. It would be so good for me to identify it for him. Best wishes

Re: Orphanages around Hollow Meadows/Loxley

Moscar Lodge still exists - it is now a private house and stands at the junction of Strines Road and A57 (Sheffield - Manchester Road), can't miss it as it has large white gable ends
Originally built as Mark Firth's shooting lodge
I had a friend (now deceased)who was there when it was an orphanage and he went to Loxley School from there during WWII, it ceased to be an orphanage in late 1940s and any remaining children there were moved to Fullwood Cottage Home