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John Francis LAPPER

John Francis was born in Gloucestershire in 1865. Parents John and Elizabeth. The only census I am struggling with is 1881 as his father John died in 1875 and Elizabeth may have re married. I've been told she married 5 times.

Info from 1871 census

John Lapper 26 Police constable Westcote Gloucestershire
Elizabeth " 27 Haley Oxfordshire
John Francis " 5 Westcote
Elizabeth L Ann " 3 Cheltenham
Edward Thomas " 6mths Charlton Kings

another daughter Florence Agnes was born in 1872 but died in 1886

Elizabeth remarried on 28/08/1881 in Sheffield to Charles Gregory so I'm not sure where the family might have been in 1881.

Hope one of you sleuths can help

Many thanks


Re: John Francis LAPPER

Not an easy lady to follow.

Was Elizabeth.... Elizabeth Smith born 1844 Haley Oxfordshire.

in Sep 1864 when she married John Lapper it was in the reg district of Stow on the Wold 6a 635

John died 1875.

in Sep 1881 when she married Charles Gregory she lists herself as Elizabeth Clarey Lapper. Sheffield 9c 614.

DO you have the marriage certificate??

John Francis Lapper (son) married at St Mary's Church (Bramall Lane?) and Charles Gregory is one of the Witnesses. Elizabeth Lapper is the other. I am presuming that is his sister.

As I said not and easy lady to follow.

I will try and come up with more later.

Elaine in Ottawa.

** Note.
Pallett, Elizabeth (married, age 56).
Died at 56 George Lane; Buried on February 12, 1902 in Unconsecrated ground;
Grave Number 12979, Section BB of City Road Cemetery, Sheffield.

Re: John Francis LAPPER

Hi Elaine

Yes Elizabeth was SMITH before she married. Her marriage to Charles Gregory is on FMP but never seen Clarey as her middle name???

Her other marriages are all in Sheffield.

Elizabeth Gregory to Benjamin Smithies 1893

Elizabeth Smithies to Edward Pallett 1900

Elizabeth was buried in same grave as her daughter Florence Agnes.

I think I've just found her .... Looked for Elizabeth CLAREY in 1881 and she is living in Radford Place, a widow from Haley Oxfordshire. It's the same address as when she married Charles Gregory. Unfortunately none of her children are with her.

Back to the drawing board.

Re: John Francis LAPPER

There was another daughter Clara Louisa S Lapper, mmn smith born q1 1874 in Winchcombe and died in q2 1874 Winchcombe.

Re: John Francis LAPPER

Hi Dave

thanks for that piece of information, I must have missed it.

Tried for hours yesterday to find John Francis b1865 but no joy. Probably just missed off the 1881 census.


Re: John Francis LAPPER

Lapper is an uncommon name. Take a look at these 2 newspaper articles.

last Yeai*s Account due to the Treasurers Allowances to Superannuated Members of the Constabulary Force .. •• To Mrs. Elizabeth Lapper, Widow of Police Constable John Lapper, who died the 22nd July last, after having served in the Police Force 8 years
13 January 1877 - Gloucester Journal - Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

Saturday, Jnne 88, 1.R79 CHELTENHAM POLICE COURT.
and they at first refused to give their name*. Morgretts told Cook that had done nothin,', and not to give his name. Elizabeth Lapper avid she was behind tho policeman when he took tho boy out of tho crowd, ana sho told him that was not the boy. policeman
28 June 1879 - Cheltenham Mercury - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England

The first shows that Elizabeth received a gratuity of £17 from the police service following the death in 1875 of her police constable husband John Lapper

The second is a police report in 1879 of damage done by children to a fence in Charlton Park (one of Elizabeths children was born nearby in Charlton Kings in 1870) A child Elizabeth Lapper bore witness in the case. That must be Elizabeths daughter Elizabeth L A S Lapper who would be about 11 at the time.

This implies that Elizabeth and at least one of her 2 children were still in Cheltenham in mid 1879.
A further implication is that any involvement Elizabeth had with a Clarey was most probably in Cheltenham


Re: John Francis LAPPER

Thanks for those reports Dave. I'll see if I can find any CLAREY who died in Cheltenham between 1877 and 1881 who could possibly be Elizabeth's second husband.


Re: John Francis LAPPER

Jenny. They may have lived together but he could not have been her husband because she remarried in 1881 as surname Lapper.

Re: John Francis LAPPER

Thanks Dave. Probably why I've never been able to find a marriage.

Re: John Francis LAPPER

Jenny, take a look at Dennis Clarey died Sheffield Q4 1880 age 28.
He fits well with Dennis Clarey born 1852 in 1861 and 1871 censuses in Bristol.
Maybe you need his death cert.

Re: John Francis LAPPER

Hi Dave

I'd found some Clarey deaths in Sheffield but dismissed most of them. Never thought to see where these men were born though. Thanks for the heads up. It would be interesting to see what her other husbands died of......