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Grave query

I have just found the grave details of one of my ancestors, who appears to be in a grave with 5 other people who don't appear to be in my family. I think I read somewhere that a grave can be used by other families and that maximum numbers in a grave was six. Can you throw any light on this for me please.

Re: Grave query

Hi Marlene,

It depends which level of service you paid for at the time of the burial.

I know we have it somewhere on the site and our friend Tony Morton made the list up. So he may see this conversation but if not you can contact him and he will fill you in.

For his email addresses check him out under Mi's over to the left.


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Re: Grave query

Hello Marlene

I did most of my "research" at City Road but this was my conclusion.

City Road Cemetery. Classification of grave types.


Normally all the burials in this type of grave were related to or at least known to, the grave owner as they had they had the say of who was buried there and as a result you are more likely to find a memorial on this type of grave.


One purchased this type of grave for a specified number of burials (so husband and wife could be buried together for example) then after the agreed amount of burials had taken place the grave was then re-sold to other (usually unrelated) families until the graves capacity was reached. It is quite rare for this type of grave to have a memorial.


These were usually (but not always) reserved for stillborn and neo-natal deaths; as a result, the number of burials in this classification of grave can be quite staggering. These can be hard to locate as they run at 90 degrees to the standard plot lay-out and they rarely have any kind of memorial.

All three classifications can usually be found in all sections.

As to a graves capacity, It often varied depending on factors like the depth of plot the cemetery were able to dig (in some cases the number of burials in a plot can be staggering).

Hope this helps Tony

Re: Grave query

Thank you Tony, this is what was found My inquiry came from Hugh at Wardsend cemetery who sent me this information.
Richardson William 30th Mar 1870 Green Road 62y
Rodgers Pauline Pearfield 27th Dec 1881 Summer St 63y (this is my ancestor)
Aldis Ralph William 9th Nov 1901 49 Rudyard Rd 18mths so Frederick M
Aldis Edith Winifred 18th Nov 1901 49 Rudyard Rd 3mth da Frederick
Aldis Harold John 1 Jan 1907 39 Fielding Rd Wadsley Bridge 11m so Frederick
Robinson John Thomas 22 May 1920 83 Roberts St 28d son John Thomas

The grave does not have a gravestone