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looking for info on which school ??

Hi all, I am trying to locate which school my Grandfather would have went to .
He lived with his "Adopted " family WILLIAM and FLORENCE CUTTS at NEWMAN ROAD.
Florence was a midwife who on the 1911 census lived at 14 Newman Road while John and Ellen Pycroft (his parents ) lived at number 16 .

James was born on the 12 /Dec / 1911. At Eccles Street. Unfortunately his mother passed away after the birth . My Grandfather never really spoke of his childhood. Apart from mentioning a Nurse Cutts with fondness.

When the 1921 census came out I thought it would be easy to trace him , but no. Found all his siblings no bother .The young ones were all living with the older ones. But no sign of James.
Eventually I found him , turns out the we were spelling the surname wrong of the only clue we had -the Nurse .
On the 1921 census Florence Cutts and her family are still in Newman road .With my grandfather as their son.
So back to the question does anyone know which schools he would go to ,cause I am stumped .

Sorry for the long post.

Re: looking for info on which school ??

Looking at a current map for Newman Road which looks to be in the Wincobank area there are two possible schools but I have no idea if they are newly built.

Looks like Hiede House School next to a cemetery. There is a line through the Hiede so unable to be sure if that's the correct spelling.

Wincobank First School just off Newman Road.

Sheffield Archives hold all deposited school registers. Many were not deposited.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: looking for info on which school ??

Hi Angela,
The Wincobank Council School, Newman Road which Elaine found was opened in 1891, so within the right time frame for James Pycroft born 1911 and probably the closest school to Eccles Street.
On Picture Sheffield website there is a photo of the junction of Newman Rd and Eccles St. and another one of the school.
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Re: looking for info on which school ??

Angela et al
A good start point to find which school could be associated to a particular address is to go into School Records over to the left and search generally for the address.
In this case just put *Newman* in the address box and press search. It comes up with 77 answers for Newman Road and most, possibly all (I have not checked that detail), are at Brightside Boys, Girls or Infants. Note that the Infants records stop at 1916 and the Boys and Girls at 1918 so with his birth date he may be just outside the records we have.