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Babies burials possible Crookes Cemeteries


My Grandma's Grandma had 16 child 10 died - they were well off had shops/grocers. So it wasnt poverty that had killed them. James Butterell/Mary Butterell (parents) are buried in Crookes Cemetery with two adult children.

All Butterell

Henry 1853-1862
Mary Eleanor 1855-1859
Frederic Price 1857-1859
Charles Price 1860-1861
Florence May 1862-1869
James 1864-1869
John Arthur 1865-1866
Mary 1867-1888
Ellen 1870-1890
Grace 1873-1873

Parents lived Ranmoor 1861, Shalesmoor 1865, Penistone Road, 1870, Howard Road 1881, Walkley Road 1901.

Any ideas where to find them as some are not just babies, but older children.

Many thanks for your interest.

Re: Babies burials possible Crookes Cemeteries

Hi Kathleen,

I have just started looking and following the trail. I am also having trouble finding them.

I have just had a very quick look at the GRO Index for their birth Registrations which is confusing me.

James Butterell and Mary nee Price married.
Marriages Jun 1852
Butterell James Sheffield 9c 287

Henry their first child was registered March qtr 1853 in Rotherham.

By using the GRO Index for Butterell and mothers surname this is where I started to find that there were other children.

Have you tried searching that way???? for both Birth & death registrations. That way you would know where they had died.

I would for interest sake send for two or three death records. I did that with one of my ancestors who had lost a large number of babies. Many had had Meningitis. Middle class people so one has many questions of why.

I will continue looking.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Babies burials possible Crookes Cemeteries

Hi Kathleem,

Henry buried 20 June 1862 at Crookes.

Burials at Rotherham Minster.
Mary Eleanor, buried 1 March 1859.
James, buried 26 Feb 1869.
John Arthur, buried 29 April 1866.
Grace, buried 21 Sep 1873.

Burials at Moorgate Cemetery,Rotherham.
Frederick Price, buried 19 July 1858.
Charles Price, buried 1 July 1861.
Ellen, buried 31 March 1890.

I have not found burials for Florence May or Mary.


Re: Babies burials possible Crookes Cemeteries


Thank you for the reply. Their first two babies were born in Rotherham due to their Father having a business there, then all the rest born Sheffield when he moved to Sheffield. All their children who died, died in Sheffield. That is all I can find out.

Many thanks

Re: Babies burials possible Crookes Cemeteries

Hi Moira,
If I am on the right track,tThe two you cannot find MAYBE because on GRO their deaths are different to what was stated before:
Florence May D:1863 Dec.qtr. age 1 at Sheffield
Mary D: 1868 Dec qtr. age 1 st Ecclesall Bierlow

Henry Born 1853 is a puzzle, a death on GRO: 1862 June qtr. at Sheffield BUT..age 24. Whereas he should have been age 9.

HAPPY HUNTING:sleuth_or_spy:

Re: Babies burials possible Crookes Cemeteries

Hi Wendy,

Good searching.

I had originally found the dates a little out. There are obvious connections to the Rotherham area so a good place to search as Moira did.

Quite often the answers are staring us in the face...... LOL but thats the fun of it all.

Take care

Elaine. in a very cold Ottawa as you know as well. (Deep freeze)

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