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Hi I'm looking at a baptism in 28 Oct 1698 at Sheffield Cathedral of
Johes filius Robti Ffroste Taylor de Eadom.
Could be Erdom, Eadon or Eaden.

I'm trying to understand where this area is/was in Sheffield. Any pointers would be appreciated, I guess it could also be an old spelling of Eden? If so, where would this be in Sheffield?

Thanks in anticipation ...
Kind regards

Re: Eadom

Hi Margaret,

This is just a suggestion on my part.

I entered Robert Frost in "Family Search" and there were two baptisms that came up in Hathersage. Derbyshire. (1653* & 1655).

The marriage in Sheffield was to Shirley Bright in 1694.

The only place I could think of close to Sheffield was Edale in Derbyshire. My geography is not the best but I am sure others will come up with alternatives.

Have fun.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Eadom

Hi Margaret and Elaine,

On the baptism page in question, there are six other baptisms
with the 'of Eadom'.
'Eadom' is probably a shortened version of the place name.
Must admit, I have never come across it before.


Update: I searched for other baptisms ten years either side of 1698.
Only one came up, for Robertus fil Robti, Taylor of Ead. Bap 22 July 1702.
Loads of other 'Ead' on the same page.
FMP have transcribed the 'Ead' as 'Sh'.


Re: Eadom

Hi Elaine & Moira
I think I’ve solved it! It isn’t a place name, I think it’s the Latin for “of the same” - a misspelling of the Latin idem.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

Kind regards

Re: Eadom

Hi Margaret et a,
There are three baptisms, all in Sheffield, on this website (type in Frost with father Robert)which includes:

John Frost who was baptized in 1698, father: Robert (Tailor)
Robert Frost ditto in 1702 father: Robert (Tailor)
William Frost ditto in 1706 father: Robert (...?)

On Family Search website, there are also possible..?? burials for:
John Frost in 1760 Sheffield father Robert
Robert Frost in 1731 Sheffield father Robert

Also on Family Search there is a burial for:
John Frost (Tailor..age 75)died at 13 Storm Street., buried Dec.11/1889, City Rd,Cem. so born about 1814 (possible later generation Frost given his trade as a tailor).

There was an Eadon's Yard at 43 Peacroft (now Solley Street)
Ref: Genuki (also a later period listing on Genuki for:
Thomas Frost (Tailor) at 13 High Street.
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Re: Eadom

On Rosemary Lockies site she has the following transcription for a baptism and burial at Tideswell:
Baptism 21/10/1677, Johanes Ffrost fs Roberti Ffrost de mag Huckloe.
Burial 25/10/1677, Johanes Ffrost eodem Johanes Ffrost bap.

Based on that I believe that Margaret is correct and that Eadom / eodem is an archaic spelling of the Latin idem.


Re: Eadom

From Latin Dictionary

EODEM adverb
Meaning: to the same place and purpose