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Ellen Dore marriage1811 Sheffield

This is my first time using this website. I’m on the trail of Ellen Dore who married Samuel Drabble at Sheffield parish church on 22.9.1811. I see that John Sorby is a witness, then for Ellen’s 2nd marriage in 1813 (to George Fells), one of the witnesses is Samuel Sorby. I then found 2 other marriage records for James Dore 1813 and Elizabeth Dore 1812 who both had Samuel Sorby as witness as well .
Does anyone know whether the Sorby were parish clerks or similar?? I don’t know whether James and Elizabeth were siblings of Ellen but if the Sorbys aren’t parish clerks they might be family friends/ relatives which would be a clue.
Also a general question if an age or a father’s name in a marriage record is marked ~ on this website does it mean it was blank or illegible ??? Many thanks

Re: Ellen Dore marriage1811 Sheffield

Margaret, welcome to the forum.
Samuel Sorby was a regular witness on marriages in that period so he was clearly associated with the Parish Church.
The ~ in our records generally signifies that the info is not available in the original record.
Please note that the recording of ages and of father name on marriage records did not begin until the beginning of civil registration in 1837.

Re: Ellen Dore marriage1811 Sheffield

Hi Margaret


If you use the 'search' box at the top and enter 'Samuel Sorby' it will return a short list of other posts on the forum. Theres a post from Andrew Pearson entitled 'Joseph Hudson and John Kirk parish clerks in Sheffield for much of the 1800s' This talks about Samuel Sorby being the parish clerk in the early 1800s.

You may find the rest of that post helpful with your research going forward.


Re: Ellen Dore marriage1811 Sheffield

Thank you for the information