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John Holland born 1808

Can anyone help with the information, please, regarding the parents of John Holland, born 1808 in Sheffield?

There are two possible baptisms listed at the Sheffield Cathedral; 1) born; 18 February 1808. bap; 20 March 1808 to John Holland (cutler), and Elizabeth. And 2) born 13 May 1808, to Mark Holland (scissorsmith), and Jane.

We know that he married Matha Scholes on 22 August 1830, in Handsworth, Sheffield. Records do not state his parent's names.

We are struggling to decipher which baptism record (if either), is correct, and we appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Re: John Holland born 1808

Hi Paul

On their marriage record one of the witnesses is Charles Holland.

If you look up baptisms for a Charles Holland, theres one in 1798 with father John (Cutler), Mother Elizabeth.

So this looks promising!!


Re: John Holland born 1808

To complement Denise's response there was in Sheffield in 1841 a 33 yr old John Holland with wife Sarah, so he is NOT yours. They have a son MARK. This implies that this John is the other birth from 1808 (father Mark).

Re: John Holland born 1808

Hi Paul, If you live in or near Sheffield you might want to visit Handsworth musium behind St Mary church they are very helpful and are open 2nd Monday in the month 2pm - 4pm. There records may be more comprehensive. regards Barry