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Baptism records


If a baptism record has the child listed with the mother's name rather than the father's name, does that mean that the child was illegitimate or could there be other reasons for this?

The reason I'm asking is because I've found a baptism record for my ancestor, Margaret, daughter of Lidia Durham of Grenoside, baptised in 1805 and had assumed this to be the case. However, on a recent trip to Ecclesfield Church I saw a grave right outside the door for Michael Durham of Grenoside and his wife Lydia. I've looked into Michael and Lydia and found that Michael was a soldier so could potentially have been deployed when Margaret was born. I've yet to get a firm link between Margaret and Michael and Lydia. They are about the right age to be her parents and after Michael died, Lydia moved up to Hesley Bar, Margaret was living on Cowley Hill at the time so she would have been closer to her. There's the Grenoside link on Margaret's baptism and Michael's gravestone. Margaret also names one of her daughters Lydia but this is all a bit tenuous for me - I like to be sure before I start researching a new line!

Many thanks

Re: Baptism records

There is a marriage of Michael Durham to Lidia Howsley at Ecclesfield in 1798. There seem to be 3 children baptised
George 1799 father Michael
Lidia 1800 Father Michael
Margaret 1805 Mother Lidia.

Ido not have full access to FMP but I suspect the first 2 name father not mother and the third names just mother (because father not there).

Re: Baptism records

I have the baptisms record on cd for Ecclesfield they are transcripts not originals and there is a Lydia Durham baptised 27 Jul 1800 and it names Michael as the father and no mother listed does this help you?

Dave on the cd records I have no George baptised in 1799 is listed so I wonder if they have transcribed the details wrongly, i shall look on FMP to see if I can find it.

Re: Baptism records

Definitely there on FMP George son of Michael Durham in 1799

Re: Baptism records

Thanks for the information, I'll have a look into those and see if I can find anything that links them more firmly :slightly_smiling_face: