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John Gosling`s eldest child and correct wife

Hi, John Gosling was the brother of my great grandfather William and he was born in Bradfield in 1857/1858. I have found a marriage in 1875 to a Mary Ann Burkenshaw, but if could also be possible tat he married a Mary Ann Horsefield in the same year. I am tempted to go with the former, as he and his wife are living with his father, also William, on the 1881 census in Bradfield, with a daughter Annie. Annie has been joined by two more sisters by 1891 when John and Mary Ann have moved to Barnsley. If John married a Mary Ann Horsefield, then they had a daughter called Martha Eliza, who lived with her grandparents and was born about 1877, in Bradfield.
Is this two different couples with the names John Gosling and Mary Ann who have been merged into one on a free site, or have I got this wrong?

Re: John Gosling`s eldest child and correct wife

You need to use the GRO Index. It shows the Gosling children you describe, and 3 more, all with mother maiden name Burkinshaw. The six siblings are birth registered between 1876 and 1897, the first 2 in Wortley and the last 4 in Barnsley
I can find no trace of a marriage of a John Gosling to a Mary Ann Hors(e)field.

Re: John Gosling`s eldest child and correct wife

Hi Cathie,
The marriage of Mary Ann Burkinshaw and John Gosling is on this website, and the births of their children are recorded on the GRO website as Dave pointed out.

The birth you mentioned for Martha Eliza Gosling in 1877 is an enigma because:
On the BMD website this birth registration district is WORTLEY in Yorkshire. Unfortunately, there are no mmn's recorded on this site until much later.

On the GRO website the same birth is recorded as WORSLEY which is in Salford, Manchester, Lancashire. with an mmn of HORSFIELD (minus an E in the middle.
As Dave mentioned (and I am of the same opinion) there is no marriage to be found between Hors(e)field and Gosling.
It looks as if there has been a mix up somewhere.

It looks like Martha Eliza Gosling later married in 1904 Barnsley to Albert Taylor.

It is interesting to note that Martha Earnshaw was possibly Mary Ann Burkinshaw's mother and Eliza Fieldsend was poss. John Gosling's mother, hence these two first names passed down.
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Re: John Gosling`s eldest child and correct wife

The GRO record in 1877 is definitely in error with regard to WORSLEY. The registration district of Worsley only existed for 9 years between 1841 and 1850.

Re: John Gosling`s eldest child and correct wife

This marriage is on FMP

Holy Trinity Church, Wicker
8th Nov 1875
John Gosling aged 18 a Bachelor. Occupation Farmer. Father: William Gosling, Farmer
Mary Ann Burkinshaw, aged 17 a Spinster. Father Matthew Burkinshaw. Farmer
Both give Joiner Street as place of residence.

Both signed. Witnesses, George Barlow and Sarah Ann Ellitt (sic)


Re: John Gosling`s eldest child and correct wife

Hi Everybody,
Thanks for all your help. My confusion arose, as somebody on a free site has attached the `daughter` living with her grandparents to John and Mary Ann.