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Martowicz Jozef

Trying to trace a family member who lived in Sheffield under 47 Longley Crescent. I managed to find Eileen Martowicz only. She was wife of my uncle who died long after her but his records are nowhere to be seen. His name was Jozef Martowicz.


Re: Martowicz Jozef


I have been able to find Jozef's marriage to Eileen in 1956 and his death in 1994 aged 73 but that's it. Did he come to the UK during WW2?


Re: Martowicz Jozef

Carol, that is correct. He came to the U.K. during WW2. I am struggling to establish which Sheffield cemetery he was buried at. I I managed to find Eileen’s one.

Re: Martowicz Jozef

Monica. He died in Sheffield about 10 years after his wife, she is buried at Shire Green. It is most likely that he is buried with her. However you will not find proof of that on line because 1994 is later than on line burial transcriptions go to. You need to follow Elaine's advice and contact Bereavement Services to ask if he is buried at Shire Green.