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Martowicz Jozef

Trying to trace a family member who lived in Sheffield under 47 Longley Crescent. I managed to find Eileen Martowicz only. She was wife of my uncle who died long after her but his records are nowhere to be seen. His name was Jozef Martowicz.


Re: Martowicz Jozef

Marriage Wortley 1956 Josef Martowicz to Eileen Webster (Free bmd)
Death Sheffield 1994 Jozef Martovicz (born 1921) (from FMP)

Re: Martowicz Jozef

Thank you Dave! Is there any way I can trace which cemetery/space in Sheffield Josef was buried ?

Re: Martowicz Jozef

Hi Monica,

If you look over to the left at our index you will see the 6th one down it states Burial Records.

These are all the Buried Records we have in our Database. Many of us also have the National Burial Index that covered many of the Anglican Churchyards from when they opened until about 1910. The City owned Cemeteries we have also transcribed and may also have some records in our database.

I found the following which should help you but check it out yourself so you can do searches for yourself.

MARTOWICZ, Eileen (Housewife, age 61).
Died at 47 Longley Crescent; Buried on February 3, 1983 in Consecrated ground;
Grave Number 2363, Section C of Shiregreen Cemetery, Sheffield.
Parent or Next of Kin if Available: ~. Remarks: ~.
Plot Owner: ~ ~ of ~. Page No 279
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Our Shiregreen records cover.

Shiregreen Cemetery, Sheffield - Jun 4, 1927 to May 3, 1991

If Joseph is in the same grave and as he died in 1995 we would not have transcribed that year. You need to contact Bereavement Services City Road Cemetery who look after all the City owned Cemeteries.

Hope this helps you find what you need to know.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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