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1939 Baptism

Hi all
My Mum was born in Sheffield in March 1939 and has often wondered where she was baptised. Her parents were married at All Saints Brightside in 1937 and her understanding is that my grandma was also a Sunday school teacher at the same church. Thanks to the indexers I have found a record of my grandma's own baptism at the same church in 1913. This seems the most likely place for mum to have been baptised. I know that these later records have not been transcribed yet but wondered if anyone could advise me a) if the baptism records for this time are available anywhere and b) if so how I might be able to arrange a search of the registers?

details: Christine Thackeray born 6th March 1939
parents: Benjamin Thackeray
Christina (nee Pringle)

I would love to be able to find this for her!

Any advice gratefully received, thank you Susan

Re: 1939 Baptism


Sheffield Archives hold these records.

BRIGHTSIDE (Sheffield), All Saints (closed) PR43
Bap 1869-1977
Marr 1869-1979


Re: 1939 Baptism

Thank you. Is there any way to access them or get a search done without visiting the archives? I am currently in Durham and am unsure when I will get able to get to Sheffield at the moment

Re: 1939 Baptism

Hello Susan.
I have photograhed the register.

She was baptized on April 2nd 1939, the address was 68 Malton St her fathers occupation was a butcher.Gpd parents William Pringle,Doris,Pringle and Annie Fagan. If you want an image of the register i or Elaine will get it to you.



Page 9 of book 16

Re: 1939 Baptism

Oh that is amazing, thank you Terry!! An image would be great if it's possible.
Mum will be thrilled, thank you again so much!!

Re: 1939 Baptism

Hi Susan,

I see Terry our resident Archive Photographer has given you the information,

Just to fill you in a little.

We here at Sheffield Indexers are ALL volunteers and happily being so.

We have two transcribing projects running at the moment

1. Sheffield Parish Church marriages currently transcribing 1857 so a long way to go still

2. All Saints Brightside marriages with baptisms to follow.

If you have any spare time we would love you to help. We supply everything you would need.

If you are interested contacts as follows.

Sheffield Parish Church (Cathedral). Elaine.

All Saints Brightside. Carole.

Hope to hear from you or anyone else.

Elaine in Ottawa.

Instant Messenger: Skype

Re: 1939 Baptism

Thank you for the information Elaine. I will certainly give it some serious consideration.