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*******y records


I just wondered if anyone could give me a little bit of advice please. I have come across a few prison registers with my Great Grandfathers name in them, as well as being done and doing time for neglecting 2 children and failure to pay his wife's maintenance arrears, he was also done a year later for *******y. The prison register says the date was 4.7.1904. This couldn't have been the 2 children he neglected as they were born into the marriage, I can only assume that he got someone else pregnant. Is there anywhere that would have the information? His name was Harry Jackson and he was from Sheffield, born in Norton and lived in Heeley.
Any help would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance


Re: *******y records

These cases are probably the same man, and could be the one you are interested in?

On 14th July 1903 Henry Jackson of 8 Harworth Street, Walkley, was in court summoned by the NSPCC for neglect of his two children. The prosecutor Arthur Neal, said that Mrs Jackson would have stood by him but she was nearly blind, they had two children but three had died. Until 8 weeks ago Jackson had been a tram conductor earning 26s 3d a week, generally giving his wife 20s but had at one time kept all the monet saying she had not done her best with it. Mrs Jackson said that on average she received 10s and had to beg soap to clean the filthy children. At that time her husband was paying 10s 6d for dancing lessons. Ada Kemp of the NSPCC described the filthy house and how neighbours had to feed the children. Jackson stated that the situation only deteriorated since he lost his job due to absences. He kept company with two girls and was challenged about the cost of this. After some comedic remarks about catching fleas, the dancing class and his wife's clothing, he was sentenced to prison for a month's hard labour.

On 1st October 1903 Harry Jackson, of 73 Arundel Lane, was in court summoned by the NSPCC for wilfully neglecting hs wife and two children. He had only been out of prison for five weeks and since his release had refused to do anything for his wife and children. The magistrates clerk asked his wife if the children were healthy and well fed - her answer was "Yes sir". The Clerk: Then in that case the defendant cannot be summoned for neglecting his children so as to cause them bodily harm, as worded in the summons". The NSPCC's prosecutor, Mr Neal said " But surely he is guilty of parental neglect". Eventually Mrs Jackson agreed to a separation order with an allowance of 7 shillings a week.

Re: *******y records

Hi Ted

Thank you so much for your reply. I had found the second article in the newspaper, however the bottom bit was missing where it stated she agreed to a separation order. The first article is very interesting. I think it’s definitely him because in the 1901 census I found the family living on Penistone Road and it stated he was a team conductor. Sadly he never learnt from his mistakes, after my gran and her sister was born he was in and out of their lives and always off with someone else. I had found his prison records online and it all seemed to involve children in some way.
Thank you again for this.