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Suicide During World War II

My Great Grandfather committed suicide during WWII in 1941 and my grandmother found him but I cannot find any newspaper clippings or obituaries for him. I'm not sure if it was just because it was during the war and this was overlooked for more pressing issues or if there's somewhere else to look. I'm in America and not too familiar with Sheffield's resources. Does someone know where I can look?

Re: Suicide During World War II

His name was Albert Irvine Sharp and he was married to Joyce Gwendolen. He was also born in 1903.

Re: Suicide During World War II

I have found the following on Ancestry.

1911 Census.
Aged 7 and living with his parents Albert Edward & Mary Elizabeth (Nee FRITH) at his maternal grandmother's home....133 Alexander Rd, Sheffield. Grandmother's name is Mary Elizabeth Frith.

1939 Record.

Born 11 Oct 1903 , an electrical wireman and living at 33 East Road, Sheffield with his wife Joyce Gwendoline nee HUGHES born 30 Sept 1905.

1941 Probate.

Of 33 East Road 15th June 1941...his effects £225 and 18 shillings, left to Joyce Gwendoline Sharp.

I hope this helps, apologies if you already know these details.

Re: Suicide During World War II

Taryn, there should be some details on his death certificate. Do you have that?
It can easily be purchased at the GRO online and is available in pdf format, cost £7 AND will be delivered by email in about a week.

Re: Suicide During World War II

Albert's burial is on this site

SHARP, Albert Irving (Electrician, age 37).
Died at 33 East Road; Buried on June 19, 1941 in Consecrated ground;
Grave Number 9532, Section O of Abbey Lane Cemetery, Sheffield.

Joyce married David E Hughes in Jun qtr 1943

Hughes David E Sharp Sheffield 9c 1235
Sharp Joyce G Hughes Sheffield 9c 1235

Re: Suicide During World War II


This is the death registration for Albert if you want to order the death certificate.

Sharp Albert I age 37 Sheffield Jun 1941 9c 1053

Re: Suicide During World War II


The central library has scans of some newspapers from the relevant period, but it is on microfilm and not online. For scans online they refer you to the British Newspaper Archive which doesn’t help because it has a big gap in it for Sheffield papers between 1940 and 1948.

Local Studies Library
0114 203 9395 (Sat, Mon, Tues) 0114 273 4753 (Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat)
First Floor, Central Library
Surrey Street
S1 1XZ

If a copy of the coroner’s report survives, it should be held by the city archives.

Sheffield City Archives
52 Shoreham Street
S1 4SP
Telephone: 0114 203 9395

Open: Monday-Tuesday 9.30-5.30; Saturday 9.30-5.30
Closed: Wednesdays-Fridays, Sundays, bank holidays

They have a research service but it is £15 for each 30 minutes


Andrew P.

Re: Suicide During World War II

I do not have that but I will make sure to get it! Thank you guys so much I’ve come to a standstill on him for some time.

Re: Suicide During World War II

Thank you all so much! I have been looking into his death for years and have not been able to gather so much information. Thank you!

Re: Suicide During World War II

I am surprised he was buried in consecrated ground if he committed suicide . I always understood the church would not bury suicides in consecrated ground. Anyone else any views on that?

Re: Suicide During World War II

After 1823 burial of suicides in consecrated ground was permitted without religious ceremony.
An Act of Parliament in 1880 legalised such burials with legal ceremony.