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The Adsetts Story - William Tom Adsetts

I am working on the second edition of my book 'Man of Sheffield - The Adsetts Story' and am particularly interested in learning more about my grandfather William Tom Adsetts, who was born in Greenhill in 1864 and died in Laneham Linolnshire in 1913. He worked for Spear & Jackson in Sheffield from 1881 in the sheet-rolling mill, becoming foreman by 1890, and retired as rolling mill manager in 1910. For most of his adult life William Tom was an active member of the Grimesthorpe Conservative and Constitutional Association, a supporter of working-class Conservative candidates in both local and national elections; and In September 1910 he was one of six working men sent by the Sheffield Daily Telegraph to report on conditions of life and labour under tariffs in Germany. He was also a member of the Union Jack Lodge of The Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes; and a member of the local Anglers' Association Any information of any of these organisations will be helpful.The family link to Spear & Jackson continued as his eldest son , my Uncle George,took over as Rolling Mill Manager, and one of his nephews Jack Adsetts eventually was a manager in the Tools Division.Any news items involving this company, particularly in relation to a shocking death in the rolling mill when a man committed suicide by decapitation on one of the cutting machines, will also be helpful. Thank you, Norman Adsetts.

Re: The Adsetts Story - William Tom Adsetts

I worked at Sheffield Hallam University and they have a library in the centre of town which is called The Adsetts Building I don't know if this could help you in any way


Re: The Adsetts Story - William Tom Adsetts

I think you will need to contact the Sheffield Local Studies Library & Archives who might be able to help . They have copies of all Sheffield Newspapers etc.
Ring them on 0114 203 9395 (Sat, Mon, Tues) 0114 273 4753 (Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat).

Re: The Adsetts Story - William Tom Adsetts

Norman, can you please provide any more detail about the suicide you refer to?
A time period or a victim name would be useful.

Re: The Adsetts Story - William Tom Adsetts

Dear Dave T,

The suicide at Spear & Jackson was described to me by Ellis Goodhead who worked in the rolling mill when my Uncle George Adsetts was in charge, and who later worked for my father. It must have occurred between 1925 and 1935, but he never told me the name of the man who died. Does this help?
Thank you for your interest