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Thomas Clark

Hi,Could someone please get me details of his marriage to Mary Ann Smedley Hardy 1865 at Pitsmoor. Thanks.

Re: Thomas Clark

Hi Barry

Details below:_

First name(s) Thomas
Last name Clark
Age 21
Birth year 1844
Occupation File forger
Marital status B
Residence Pitsmoor
Marriage year 1865
Marriage date 14 May 1865
Marriage place Pitsmoor
Dedication Christ Church
By licence or by banns B
Spouse's first name(s) Mary Ann Smedley
Spouse's last name Hardy
Spouse's age 18
Spouse's birth year 1847
Spouse's residence Pitsmoor
Spouse's marital status S
Father's first name(s) Thomas Claerk
Father's occupation File Forger
Spouse's father's first name(s) James Smedley Hardy
Spouse's father occupation Stode Grate Maker
Witness 1 James Robertson
Witness 2 Edwin Burton


Re: Thomas Clark

Thank you Carol