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Entries in Whites Directory

Can I ask please what criteria did someone have to meet to be entered into a Whites Directory.

In Whites 1925 it was Sarah Hughes who appeared living at 149 Worksop Road and not her husband Edward.

All help is much appreciated.


Re: Entries in Whites Directory

Hi Karen,

My dad once told me that the rent book would be in the name of the person listed in the directory.
I don’t know if there were any other criteria.


Re: Entries in Whites Directory

The directories employed "name takers" who would walk along the streets knocking on doors and gathering information. During the week it would mainly be the lady of the household who would answer. Dependant on many possibilities she may give her name, the husbands name (if married) or another household member (if for example they worked from home). There would be little incentive for the name takers to dispute any information given, or to do any checks.

Re: Entries in Whites Directory

I had a quick look at the 1931 Kellys, 149 Worksop Road isn't listed, but there is a Mrs Sarah Hughes listed at 312 Bell House Road S.G. (as written).