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Edith Mallison

Hi, I am struggling to find a marriage for Edith Mallinson, born 1913 in Edale, where her father Josiah Mallinson had moved from Wortley, (possibly Stannington). Have found a tree on Ancestry, which give her husband as John W Dawber, who was born in Lancashire in 1907 and died in Sheffield in the 1990`s. Records for the three sona on Family Search show that the mother`s maiden name was Mallinson. Could John W Dawber have already been married and unable to get a divorce, so he and Edith lived together?

Re: Edith Mallison

Have you seen the 1939 register?

John W Dawber "married"

Edith Mallinson "single" then above it someone has written DAWBER.

Could they have married later in life?

Re: Edith Mallison

Just found John W Dawber on the 1911 census with wife Ann and 2 children in Wigan. Maybe he did leave her and moved to Sheffield????

Re: Edith Mallison

PLEASE IGNORE last post. It was possibly his parents. Got carried away......


Re: Edith Mallison

The three sons I hace found are born between 1940 and 1949. John born 1940, Albert, born 1942 and Ian born 1949. John William was born in 1907 in Wigan on the familt tree on Ancestry.

Re: Edith Mallison


I cannot find a death in Sheffield in 1990 for a John William Dawber.

There is a death in 1987 but this John William was born in 1909.


Re: Edith Mallison

According to free bmd there were 6 Dawber Mallinson births in Sheffield
1938 q2 Doris
1939 q2 Ann
1940 q3 John A
1942 Q4 Albert E
1944 q1 Jennifer C
1949 q3 Ian R

Re: Edith Mallison

The death of John W Dawber that Angela found in 1987, the will was proved in Febryary 1988 and he lived on Broomspring Lane it does not say who the money went too but you can purchase the will which I think is now only £1.50 so that could help you.

There is another possibility that they could have married in Scotland.

Just another idea could Edith have previously been married and was using her brth name when she registered the births if so it might be a case of if they did marry in England to search using variants in case the names have been transcribed wrongly

Re: Edith Mallison

Thanks for all your replies. I had found the death for John W Dawber in Sheffield on Family Search and the three son`s as registered as Dawber with Mallinson as their mother`s maiden name.

Re: Edith Mallison

The six birth registration that Dave T. found under Dawber/Mallinson were
also registered under Mallinson/Mallinson.